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How to improve your SEO with Youtube?


Youtube is a great tool for natural referencing. As a young SEO consultant, I have seen this many times. But it is especially as a Google user that I became aware of the place of video, especially through its presence in search results following a request.

SERP on the request "guinea pig food". Good point to the excellent Zoomalia, which created value-added video content that allowed the company to position itself higher in the search results.

In short, when it comes to SEO, I believe in video! So today I'm looking at all the SEO/Youtube questions that a company could ask itself: why do videos make the difference in SEO? What are the advantages of exploiting the video format ? How do you concretely go about it when you already have videos / you don't have any yet? How can we take advantage of them when we don't have the time to make them?

All my findings and answers here! ⬇️

Why is Youtube impacting for natural referencing?

Let's start by understanding why Google is so fond of video content, especially when it's on Youtube.

  • First of all, Google likes to use its own services. As Youtube belongs to Google, it's pretty good for your business to let the search engine know that you're using its video platform!

Indeed, the first advantage of creating videos on Youtube will be first of all that it will allow Google to link your company and its website to your Youtube channel and its content. Enough to strengthen theonline ecosystem of your business. This gives more weight, more importance to your entity in the eyes of search engines.

  • Secondly, video is a format very much appreciated by Internet users. And what the user likes, Google loves!

According to many studies, video is one of the increasingly popular content format by Internet users. 

By the way"97% of marketing professionals say video helps users gain a better understanding of their products and services"according to a Hubspot investigation. I invite you to read the very complete article on the video marketing who provided me with this data.

In fact, video is easier and quicker to consume than text - it fits perfectly into the fast-snacking era of the internet and its current use.

Faced with such a large scale, Google thus offers users what they prefer and takes Youtube videos into account in its search results. Because indeed, videos are truly capable of meeting content needs!

  • Finally, Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world.

That's right: Youtube, with its search bar, is considered a research engine in its own right. And not just any one - it can be considered the second most used in the world with almost 1.9 billion visitors per month!

Figures that illustrate the massive demand for video research. A non-negligible part of your target will potentially search for information on Youtube, so being there will allow you to capture them!

What is the advantage, on the business side, of a good youtube referencing?

Faced with all these arguments, you already have a glimpse of the power of Youtube and videos! So here is a summary of all the reasons why you should adopt a Youtube SEO strategy:

  • Report to Google a stronger online presence, on different channels (a positive signal that will contribute to the improvement of the overall SEO of the website)
  • Have a better chance of being positioned in the SERP (and best positioned!)
  • Offer content that is more engaging for the user, which contributes to the (favourable) image of the company.
  • To be present on the second most used search engine in the world, and to develop its visibility as well as the notoriety of its entity!

How to concretely take advantage of videos for my SEO?

You decided to set up a video referencing strategy or simply to initiate some actions in this direction: where to start? I will give you all my recommendations.

1- You already have videos online on Youtube

You already have videos available on Youtube: have you set up the following?

  • Publish your videos on the pages of your website 

The best practice is to integrate a video into a corresponding page of your website. The video should therefore deal with the same subject as the page and complement its information. Indeed, the context of a video is very important from a semantic point of view: it will reinforce your page, its universe and its content.

In this logic, each of your videos must only be present on one of the pages of your website.

  • Optimize the Youtube referencing of your videos

Like a website page, a video must be optimized to be found on Youtube! And the more visible it will be on Youtube, the more likely it will be highlighted in search results. Here are the main levers for optimizing a video on Youtube :

  • The optimization of the video title. As for a page, it should ideally target a keyword / expression that is relevant and sought after by Internet users. The keyword research part will therefore be a decisive step 🙂.
  • The optimization of the description from the video. This is the only "free" text field and it will allow you to describe your video using rich semantics.
  • The optimization of the "popularity"of your video. As with any other content, the more a video is seen / liked / shared and broadcast on other sites and social networks, the more popular it is. And therefore more noticed and more attractive in the eyes of search engines.

Small point on the Youtube algorithm

You may be wondering how Youtube ranks videos among its video suggestions and in its search results. Here are the criteria that were brought to our attention:

  • The content quality. Thus, the thumbnail, the title of the video, its description, its tags will be taken into account.
  • The responsiveness What is the average viewing time, the average percentage of the video watched, the number of views... Quality and quantity of viewing are both considered.
  • The popularity of your channel. Youtube especially favours the big channels: to be well ranked, the platform will take into account the number of subscribers (ideally more than 200,000....) and the rate of publication (2 to 3 videos per week is appreciated!).

Information to know and integrate if, apart from an SEO objective, you plan to really implement a Youtube strategy.

If you want to dig deeper into the subject SEO-Youtube, here is an interesting video from the André Dubois channel on SEO videos :

You can also read our article on the use of video for boost its visibility !

2- You plan to make videos

If you don't have an online video yet and want to get started, this is your chance to really think about your video strategy!

I would therefore advise you to to get to the bottom of all the video topics that come to your mind (Brainstorm!) and organize the publication. Perhaps you could create a spreadsheet to answer the following questions: which theme? What title? When will the video be published? Who will manage the recording, editing, publishing, SEO optimization of the videos?

Corporate video content can be divided into three categories: 

  • The corporate video

This type of video presents your company, its activity, possibly its employees... These videos can be used for visitor engagement, reassurance, your company's image but also for SEO on your own brand name.

  • The business video 

The video I call "business" focuses on your product(s) or service(s) (presentation of how it works, its advantages, possible user testimonials...). 

This editor of project management software, thanks to its video, is in the first Youtube search results on its main keyword.

  • The informational video

Video for information purposes is usually the most far-reaching and informative video and generates the most traffic. This answers concrete and recurring questions from users related to the company's field of activity. This is a good way to strengthen its SEO on the requests of its target... To gain visibility but also to specialist image !

750g, by responding to the problems of its target audience on Youtube, gains visibility and differentiates its expertise!

According to the objectives of your company, it is up to you to prioritize one of those video types. In any case, these contents will be beneficial to improve your natural referencing!

3- You don't have a video and don't plan to make one soon

That's a shame! But making videos, as needed, can indeed take a certain amount of time. time and require budget.

So how do you take advantage of video without making a video? Simply by using other videos! I noticed on an account I was managing that the two pages that were bringing much more traffic to their blog... were not so optimized for SEO (non-optimized tags, short content,...), but had the only advantage of containing informative videos to illustrate their articles! An observation as surprising as it is revealing.

The conclusion I draw from this is that between two pages of relatively similar content, the one containing a video is likely to be better referenced. The video, in my opinion, is really valued by Google when it makes sense in relation to the topic addressed on the page. So don't underestimate the power of video: this content is not about to be depopularized!

à propos de l'auteur.e : Marie Lehner

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