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Voice research: what impact for natural referencing?

The voice search is to verbally formulate one or more requests to a voice assistant, rather than making a manual entry in the search bar.

Although this practice is fairly recent, many of you may be familiar with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Bixby, Siri or Cortana, etc.

Voice requests are becoming even more democratic with the development of smart/connected speakers This leads us to ask ourselves many questions: how to adapt to these new information search methods? do we need to completely change our natural SEO referencing?

Voice search and SEO: How to adapt?

The Google algorithm undergoes changes very frequently, in order to respond as well as possible to the requests made by users.

Although text or voice responses given by Google are not always appropriate, it is never too early to start implementing SEO optimizations on this subject!

1. a more conversational language

Voice searches overturn the types of search queries that users can perform, as they become more fluid and natural than traditional requests.

Indeed, rather than typing "red dresses", users will tend to ask:

"where to find a red dress in Cannes?"

The oral requests take the form of questions which are often longer than traditional requests such as "buy red dress".

The first advice we can give you is to review all the content of your site.

Respond clearly to Internet users' requests: highlight specific issues that start with: Who? Where? When? When? How? What? What? What? When? And Why?

Let us not forget this, the voice search tools are artificial intelligences that try to use human language to give personalized answers in a human way.

Adapt your content in such a way that Google or other search engines can consider it the optimal answer to the request.

This adaptation also involves the emphasis on long tail keywordsbecause voice searches are similar to search expressions.

Make sure that you have find, list and organize keywords that most closely match what Internet users are looking fors, namely natural and conversational language.

2. an opportunity for local referencing

The voice requests of Internet users are three times more likely to contain information about the location of a place than text queries.

Indeed, Internet users tend to ask for this type of information because they are on their mobile phone with geolocation enabled, and they generally search for the location closest to their position, with the highest score, thanks to the notices published.

If your activity targets a specific area such as a city, department or region, it is in your best interest to multiply the mention of these places Indeed, search engines will understand that your activity has a local dimension only.

An essential tool to boost your local SEO and be easily found by Internet users is Google My BusinessThis tool will allow you to create a file with all the contact details and location of your activity, so that users can easily find you.

Google My Business

3. optimize your site for the zero position (featured snippet)

The zero position/featured snippet corresponds to the search results found above natural results and Google Ads sponsored ads; in the case of voice search, it is not you who choose the information to consult but rather the voice assistants who choose for you the information to communicate to you, because it is the algorithms that judge that such information is relevant according to your search.

If you consider that your sector of activity has a strong interest in positioning itself on position 0, then it is necessary to optimize the content of your pages, so that they answer specific questions from Internet users.

  • Find new keyword opportunities that specifically match what Internet users are looking for. long keywords that are similar to expressions and human language.
  • You can also create new content on your websitewhich answer directly to oral questions asked by users.
  • Finally, you can also play on the notions of localization in your content to pretend to answer users' questions, if it is that your audience is looking for something related to your activity.

4. have a responsive site adapted to mobile phones: optimize the user experience

Whether for voice search or not, having a website adapted to smartphones This increased use of mobile phones is not about to stop, because it is a fact: technology giants are releasing ever more powerful and fast smartphones.

In addition, it is important to optimize your website to make the user experience pleasant and simple for those who wish to continue their research after the voice response given.

To do this, a few elements must be taken into account in order to optimize your website for voice search: 

The first important element to consider is of course the responsive designIndeed, your website must be adapted to each screen size and must be able to offer the same browsing experience whether on a computer or mobile.

To find out if your website is suitable, you can use the tool Google Mobile Friendly Test which will give you the reading performance of your site on mobile and the possible optimizations.

The speed of loading your website A fast loading site is a site that considerably limits the bounce rate, and allows the user to quickly find the information he needs.

In this case, several tools allow you to know the loading performance of your site, in particular the Google Page Speed Insights or even GT Metrix

Finally, you can make several other optimizations such as action call button sizes, font sizes, menu sizes, etc.

Don't be afraid for your natural referencing (SEO)!

Voice research tends to develop with the emergence of artificial intelligence that enters the lives of thousands of users and represents an innovative feature that allows Internet users to quickly find the information they are looking for.

This is not without consequences, because this phenomenon changes the rules of SEO as a whole, so don't change all the work already done, if you already work regularly on your SEO, you already have a good chance of being well placed by search engines.

As you will certainly have understood, it is important to anticipate and adapt the content of your website through various optimizations in order to have the opportunity to be read by voice assistants.

Of course, it is necessary to ask yourself the question of the need for voice search for your businessIndeed, voice searches provide the vast majority of results such as tutorials or precise information about the moment such as weather, news…

So ask yourself the right questions about what could be beneficial for your business!

à propos de l'auteur.e : Salomé Guillemot

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