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How our SEO Improved in One Month Thanks to Social Networks

At the end of July, we wrote an article on The 15 Best Chatbots on Messenger and we shared it on Staenk’s various social media channels! This is what happened: more than 250 shares, and almost 650 visits to the article in less than a month! And we’re not talking about the SEO impact that it generated afterwards! You’d like to know how we proceeded and how our article helped us get higher rankings on Google? Here’s a little summary to explain it all! 😉

Publications on Social Networks

We started it all on the 25th of July by posting the article on our main social media channels.


On Facebook, we published the article once:

Results: we obtained organic reach interactions and clicks on the article through this network. Since our Faecbook page has a community of about 400 members, we managed to generate 8 interactions and 22 clicks on this channel. We also shared the article through a Facebook group of community managers, Journal du CM, which allowed us to get more clicks and visits to the article.


It is not unheard of to write several tweets for a single article on Twitter, given that the lifespan of a tweet is approximately 4 hours. We therefore posted tweets about the article on the 26th and 28th of July and on August 2nd and 10th.

To start, we got a few re-tweets. Then, one of the elements that helped us share the article was an Adecco tweet! They had designed their own chatbot named Aloha and chose to thank us for mentioning their bot in our article by citing us and sharing our blog post on their timeline. This allowed us to gain very good visibility among their 21 000 followers on Twitter. Their tweet was shared 36 times. And this happened without an advertising budget!

In parallel, we took the opportunity to share the article on our own personal timelines!


As for LinkedIn, the article was published on the company’s page. The publication obtained 281 impressions and 3 clicks, which is quite low, but we were able to gain more visibility on this platform by sharing the article on our personal pages!


The Number of Views on Social Networks via Google Analytics

Practically speaking, we obtained 441 visits from social networks from the 25th of July to the 25th of August. All of the publications made an impact with more or less scope. Here’s a Google Analytics summary for each social network:

More than half of the visits emanated from Facebook (56.01%), almost a quarter from Twitter (23.13%) and another part from Linkedin (20.18%).

How Social Network Visits Contributed to SEO

Obtaining a large number of visitors on the article in a short amount of time alerted Google to the fact that our article was high-quality and interesting, therefore showing how our article was worth being referenced on the basis of a few keywords. In only a month, the article positioned us in the Google search results when using several keywords!

For example, when you search for the best chatbots in French (“meilleurs chatbots”), our article is ranked 5th! (yeah!)

We also reached the Holy Grail of SEO, meaning that we are on position 0 with the keyword “meilleurs ChatBot Messenger”!

Last but not least, the Search Console helps us know which positions we obtained thanks to the article. In total, in less than a month, the article was indexed using 25 Google research expressions, 8 of which were featured in the first results page. This is only the beginning, since we know that it takes 6 to 12 months to be in the first position. Here are a few examples:

  • Messenger chatbot= 2nd position
  • Chatbot traduction= 3rd position
  • Uber chatbot = 3rd position
  • Meilleurs chatbot = 4th position
  • Les meilleurs chatbot = 5th position
  • Meilleurs bots messenger = 5th position
  • Chatbot CNN = 9th position
  • Chatbot Adecco = 9th position

If we compare this with our article on original publications to post on Facebook, we can see that this article garnered fewer shares (74) and was only indexed on 3 keywords.

Analyzing Most Shared Content with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool that aims to identify the articles that have been shared the most on a website or on a theme. It revealed that our article was one of the most shared articles on the chatbot theme! With this article, we managed to reach enough Internet users to position ourselves as a French “reference” on the topic of chatbots! Pretty good, huh?

To summarize, here’s how we boosted our SEO thanks to social networks:

  • Thanks to the various article shares on Staenk’s pages in the various social networks, our article on the 15 best Messenger chatbots generated a flow of visitors.
  • Receiving quality visits to a page impacts SEO to reach high rankings with one or several keywords. We were able to do this thanks to the article shares on the various social networks.
  • In the end, we managed to gain visitors via Google’s search engine optimization, as we are now referenced on more than 25 keywords relating to the chatbot theme.

If someone asks you whether social networks have an SEO impact, the answer is YES! Even though the majority of links coming out of social networks are “nofollow” links, and therefore don’t have a direct impact on SEO, social networks can be really interesting for SEO in an indirect way. Sharing blog articles brings an additional quality source of traffic to your site and allows you to be indexed on new keywords. Of course this isn’t the only ingredient for good natural referencing. Other elements must be taken into account for a lasting SEO strategy such as inbound links, the quality of content, technical elements, your brand, and many other elements.

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