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What is an SEO Consultant?

As anSEO expert, the SEO consultant is responsible forincrease the visibility and awareness of companies and their websites on the InternetTo do this, it has many levers at its disposal; netlinking, editorial strategy, content optimization, structural redesign of the site and analysis of user behaviour - all of which require the mastery of many skills, but also require specific qualities.

The profile of the SEO consultant

A properly referenced website is well positioned in search engine results, appears among the first (or even the first) requests on the first page of your engine, is more visible to Internet users and therefore receives more traffic.

To achieve this result, theSEO expert (Search Engine Optimization) works with the organic search, the SEA paid referencing actions (Search Engine Advertising), thepurchase of SEM keywords (Search Engine Marketing) and the SMO social networks (Social Media Optimization).

Also, some qualities in content writing, knowledge of web programming languages, a great ability to analyze, synthesize and concentrate and finally a good dose of curiosity and pedagogy, can be useful to him.

Its missions

On a daily basis, the job of SEO consultant is rich and varied, based on four main missions :

  • Site analysis (technical audit, loading time, meta tags, category tree structure, mobile compatibility, internal linking...)
  • Content analysis (fixed pages and blog), in collaboration with the marketing team to develop a content strategy that is then shared with the web editor
  • Notoriety and netlinking (acquisition of the essential backlinks thanks to two proven but different techniques, the SEO White Hat and the SEO Black Hat)
  • Analysis of user signals and their behaviour (bounce rate, session duration, input and output pages, etc.)

The referrer also reserves a time for the monitoring, reporting and control of positioning to verify the effectiveness of its referencing strategy.

His studies

Because the profession is still relatively young, both national education and the grandes écoles are only beginning to have the necessary equipment to offer appropriate training. data compiled by the SEO Camp each year, a large part of the SEO managers would be self-taughtHowever, the trend is reportedly reversing with 70 % of self-taught people in 2013, compared to 53 % in 2015 and even 49 % the following year.

The school curriculum

A Professional license "Reference and Web Editor" is provided for example to theMulhouse University of Technology since 2008, in initial training or work-study programs.

But, from the level Bac +2 to Bac +5Many diplomas in multimedia and Internet professions, E-commerce and E-marketing, Digital Marketing or E-commerce, can also lead to the position of web referencing consultant.

The training

In parallel or in addition, several specialized schools such asEsecad, Hetic, l’Eemi or My Digital Schooloffer a wide range of training courses adapted for future reference managers, e-commerce bachelors or communication device management.

For self-taught consultants, the recommendations available on its official blog for webmasters are also a significant source of knowledge and learning.

Its status

The natural referencing consultant can exercise his profession in different ways and under different statuses.

This web specialist can be hired by a company In this case, he can be a referrer or traffic manager, in charge of managing the acquisition strategy, optimizing traffic and analyzing site traffic and positioning, the SEO Manager operates like all other employees, in the company's offices or more rarely at home.

The natural referencing consultant can also work in an agency. Web agency, SEO agency or referencing agencyhe then works with other reference persons to manage the agency's client portfolio.

But, as an expert, the SEO consultant most often works as anindependent freelancer or manager of his own companyHere, several legal forms are available to it; EIRL, SARL, EURL, SASU or even SASIt thus directly manages the accounts of many companies, brands or chains, to which it is responsible for providing them with ever greater visibility and qualified traffic.

Benchmarking wage portage can also be a perfect solution in the context of an employee/entrepreneurial transition.

His income

The SEO consultant's salary depends largely on how he or she carries out his or her work.

In agencies or companies, it is estimated that a beginner SEO can start his career at around €1,800 per month and climb to €3,000 per month with experience.

A freelance SEO expert can claim a salary of 2,000 to 3,000 euros per month, up to 5,000 euros per month To do this, he sets his rates according to supply and demand, but also according to the type of project and his experience, which his clients then pay monthly, at the mission, on contract or by the hour, it should be noted here that the freelancer must deduct a certain number of contributions from the salary he pays himself. 

Also according to the computer graphics made by Seo Camp, in 2016, 34 % of men and 31 % of women earned between 26 and 36 K gross per year, while 32 % of men and 50 % of women earned less than 25 K gross per year. 69 % of referrers earned less than 30 K per year in the same year, when they were only 45 % in this case in the ad and even 39 % as a self-employed.

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