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Boosting your natural referencing: 5 simple practices that explode

Looking for new ideas to boost your SEO? we are giving you today 5 easy to implement SEO best practices for your website, these actions will potentially allow you to stand out and maximize your visibility in the SERP!

1- Propose video content

Often short, visual and powerful, video is becoming more and more popular with users, as it tends to spend more time on the pages of a website and increase their commitmentBenefits appreciated by search engines, which value this type of content. 

Our advice? Integrate videos into your website, but integrate them with meaning!

  • A video = a page = a theme: a video content must respond to a subject and therefore be present on one of your web pages, it is useless to overexpose it on your website.
  • Your video must be relevant, make it attractive enough to read and bring real added value to the page.
  • Don't neglect text content: it's always the most important thing, so keep optimizing your texts and semantics, and videos and texts complement each other to bring more richness and a better user experience to your site.
  • Prefer thevideo integration from YoutubeGoogle naturally favours video content from its own platform and, as Youtube is the most popular search engine in the world, optimizing your videos can give you more visibility by taking care of the title of your video, its description and its tags!

We can see here that the Youtube video also allows you to be positioned in search results: enough to improve your visibility!

youtube referencing

2- Benefit from local SEO with Google My Business

You know Google My Business: this is the box that appears to the right of your search results when you search for a company, containing the company's name, contact details, notices, action buttons, etc.

Having a Google My Business listing will first of all allow Google to better identify your company, its information and its reputation, which can potentially boost the natural referencing of your site.

Second point: Google My Business is a powerful lever for local natural referencingIf the search engine has understood your activity and this activity corresponds to a local query, it will most likely offer you in the search results, see for Staenk on the query "natural referencing agency".

referencement google my business

For an optimal natural referencing Google My Business, three essential points: 

  1. Your site must express all the semantics of the activity that belongs to you
  2. You have entered your geographical address on Google My Business
  3. You've paid attention to your Google reviews, have you (enough)? Is the rating enough? Can it be improved? Don't hesitate to ask your satisfied customers to express themselves!

3- Reach Positions 0

The era is at position 0 for Google, meaning that more and more content excerpts are displayed at the top of your research resultswhich respond directly to your request without you needing to access a website.

zero position seo

Position 0 is therefore the new position to be obtained: it allows you to place yourself at the top of the search results and demonstrates the expertise of the website concerned at the user's request, and we have published an article detailing the position 0 and its challenges.

Briefly, the zero position is obtained in :

  • Taking the user's search expressions in its content ("how...", "why...") and offering a rich answer;
  • This is done with the help of a well-cut, "aerated" and organized text (use of Hn tags, bulleted lists, numbered lists...) but also by the use of structured data. structured data are "bits of code" that will give Google information about the content to better identify it (for example, specify that it is a recipe...) A principle very well explained by WebMarketing&Co'M.

4- Strengthen your online reputation

Your brand is an identity on the web for which your website is the main support, and around it there are generally a multitude of other sites referring to yours that will allow search engines (as well as Internet users) to better understand you and form an opinion, and reputation plays a major role in SEO... Thus, Google opinion, presence on social networks, Youtube videos and other referrer sites will form a whole that will potentially be favourable to you.

So how can you improve the popularity of your website in the eyes of search engines? 

First point of attention: to be present/referred/city on other sites: to detect your backlinks (links that point to the pages of your website), observe the search results following the request of your brand. 

By excluding the Staenk site from Google searches, we can identify all other indexed content pointing to the agency with the anchor "staenk"!

backlinks search results

For a more complete analysis, use for example theSemrush backlink tool.

The objective will be for you to develop these mentions on quality sites, if possible in your field of activity, again, we are looking for meaning!

5- Propose explosive content

To make the difference, each of your pages must meet several requirements:

  • Being uniqueYour page should not look like any other, because it has a specific purpose - and that's why it exists ! remember that if a page is not of interest to the user, it has very little interest also for search engines.
  • Contain rich semanticsYour page has its main keyword, of course, but it must naturally express a complete lexical field close to your theme: a simple search for keywords on a tool such as Ubbersuggest will allow you to enrich your content with terms that you may not have considered, yet used by your target audience!
  • Have a structure. Search engines will understand your text better if it respects a certain tree structure, using Hn tags, paragraphs, lists or bullet points, and as with the user, aerated and structured content is more understandable.
  • Respect a certain length. Below a certain volume of words, search engines are unlikely to find your relevant content, so a minimum of 500 words is recommended, a requirement that may be higher depending on your field of activity and your competitors.

Natural referencing agency since 2014, these are subjects that we deal with on a daily basis with our clients 🙂 And have you already implemented these practices to boost your SEO?

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