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Good SEO: 5 steps to follow for your site

Have a good referencing is not given to everyone. It is necessary to look at the issue in order to be visible on search engines as Google. You must therefore integrate the SEO practices in your  website. If this has already been done, they must be worked on and developed in order to himself make a digital space.

There are different steps to follow to integrate the organic search in the best way and thus reap the benefits and opportunities of a good Google rankingBut how do we do it? What are the essential steps to follow?

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The steps of a good referencing

1. make an inventory of the situation

Before you start, you need to analyze two things:

  • What are the practices of your competition ?
  • What are the results you are currently achieving?

First of all, make a competitive intelligenceThings that work for your competitors can also work for you, not to copy and paste, be careful. You need to adapt the elements you analyze to your companyBut it can also give you new ideas. This analysis allows you to look at your business and know how you will be able to differentiate yourself.

The important thing is not to have identical companies on the market, with your personality and your brand imageyou're going to make room for yourself in front of your competitors.

In addition, the second step is toanalyze the results that you currently have. Have you ever implemented a referencing strategy ? What is the online visibility of your company ? What actions have you already implemented? Really analyze all the elements you have at hand, if you don't do this inventory, you won't be able to determine the starting point of your SEO work.

2. have a keyword strategy

To have a good Google rankingit is essential to know how to communicate with Google algorithmsThere are different techniques, including keywordsTo identify them, put yourself in the place of the consumersThink in the same way to determine what the key words are in your field of activity: for example, if you work in interior design, focus on "living room sofa", "living room coffee table", "interior design ideas", "living room decoration", "bedroom decoration"... If you are in the pastry shop, choose words like "recipe", "lunch menu ideas", "Christmas dinner dish", "essential recipes", "easy recipe"...

However, if you have difficulty determining them, Google Adwords indicates all the keywords trends This can help you to choose some of them in relation to your industry.

You must determine these words in relation to your company and your customers. The objective for have a good referencing is to create a semantic bubbleThis allows Google to give indications on the content of your articles and your publications.

We still advise you not to overdo it. Don't just put wordskeysYour content will be undrinkable and readers will take no pleasure in discovering your site.

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3. SEO-friendly content

No concern about the term SEO-friendlyThe objective is tooptimize your site and your content to provide guidance to GoogleThe fact of working on your organic search will allow you to prove to the search engine that you are a reliable source of information.

To do this and give the right message to the Google robotsthere are elements to consider:

  • Integrate your main keyword in the title of your content and in the title SEO
  • Have a structure with titles and subtitles to give indications as to the outcome of your reasoning 
  • Work on the meta description by putting your main keyword
  • The articles To provide them with visually high-quality content, it is necessary to include photos, which must have a name ALT for your site to benefit from the Google traffic Images.
  • To have Quality URLwithout special characters.
  • Putting on internal linksor links belonging to your siteThey allow you to extend the visitor experience, which is beneficial for your company since Internet users will be immersed in the codes of your business as articles are read, but also incorporate external links of quality. 

4. focus on the user experience

There is a conflict between SEO and user experienceYou need to find the right balance. website grows, it is necessary to integrate SEO techniquesHowever, remember that you are talking to consumers

5. share your content

The last step is to share content that you create. You have to tell the Internet users that you exist. Highlight your creations on the social media as Instagram or FacebookIf you have the opportunity to do a link exchange with colleagues or collaborators, do not hesitate, it is similar to netlinking. However, do not abuse this practice, as it can impact your SEO negatively. Google sanctions this method if there is misuse. 

For your organic searchall these steps allow you to gain visibility on Google and not to lose any opportunity for your companyThere is no precise order, it is up to you to define the most important elements, the most important thing is to consider all these points and to personalize them according to your brand image.

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