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SEO audit: how to audit your site to optimize your natural referencing?

how to perform an SEO Audit & increase its referencing?

It is important that all companies with a website understand what thee natural referencing Indeed, natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential element for improve its online visibilityThe best approach is to conduct a SEO audit complete with tools that help to identify problems and find appropriate solutions. 

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Why carry out a natural referencing audit?

The creation of a website takes time and can quickly become tedious. companies think that the work stops when the website is put online, but to do so on a place on the search enginesit is essential to carry out a SEO audit complete. 

This one has many advantages: 

  • Identify construction errors. 
  • Analyze the sources of problems (e. g. loading times of pages that are too long) to find solutions.
  • Make the necessary improvements.
  • Develop your position on search engines by testing different strategies. 
  • Find the approach and the strategy adapted to your needs and objectives. 
  • Increase the visibility of your site Internet on search engines. 

The essential steps for a complete SEO audit

Analyze your keywords

When the website of your companyyou have probably noticed the importance of the use of keywordsYou have probably incorporated them into your texts and content, but their use must be analysed.
The keywords present do they attract the consumers on your site
Are you well placed in the SERPs ("search engine result page")?
Your site is it likely to position itself on the keyword or do you need to change your list and approach? 

From the locations are currently placed on keywordsTo dethrone them, you must be patient. These sites have won the Google's trust and of the Internet usersIn addition, this classification system may be detrimental to your business if you are not in the first results, as the other sites that are ranked first get more than clicks and to visibilityGoogle continues to consider them as reliable sources

Your company must ask the right questions about the use of some keywordsYou must evaluate the level of competition of your keywordsIdeally, the competition of the selected keywords should not be too fierce, but please ensure that the selected keywords allow you to offer yourself a certain visibility with of your target audience The same logic applies when you create a brand nameYour company will conduct an audit of the products present to determine if the market is saturated or if there is room for your offer. keywordsThere must be room for your content. This requires theSEO audit keywords.

To find the keywords depending on your field of activity, you can use: 

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What are your competitors doing? 

In order to help you position yourself on search engines and stand out from your competitorsyour company must be aware of the actions taken by the lattersIt is essential to analyze their websitetheir keyword strategies and to netlinking (this web marketing strategy aims to increase the number of back links or backlinks to your website).

This SEO audit of the competition allows you to identify what actions can be taken and what are the strategies to be preferred and those to be avoided. competitors probably tested some marketing campaigns and of the natural referencing strategies that have failed. It can save you time, energy and money. 

SEMRush provides access to an in-depth analysis of the content of your competitors depending on the use of certain keywordsThis step can provide you with new information. story ideas to be published on your website in order to allow you to position on a keyword particular. 

However, be careful not to copy the content of your competitors, as this may decrease. natural referencing performance You can of course draw inspiration from competitors while adding elements that are part of your brand identity. here are the tools that can help you set up a SEO audit of the competition: 

The operation of your site in depth 

The characteristics of your website are taken into account to define the referencing and your position in the SERPss. These are important elements for Google algorithms since they define the quality of your pages and a fortiori of thecustomer experience

In a SEO audit, your company must analyze the loading speed, the presence of dead links or the duplicate content
To do this, you can use: 

SEO audit with the analysis of the pages and their referencing 

Finally, in order to achieve a SEO audit Each page must have a good referencing to give you a good visibility on search engines, using the WordPress plugin Yoast SEOcheck the SEO qualification of published content to optimize it and make the necessary changes. 

You can also analyze the SEO positioning of your content directly to the search enginesThe results obtained by the list of tools below will allow you to identify pages with a low ranking: 

These resources and approaches allow your company of gain visibility online. Having a website well referenced requires the implementation of SEO audit to analyze all the marketing strategies implemented. 

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