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SEO-optimized article: how to have a good SEO?

SEO-optimized article

The democratization of the Internet and the development of website creation tools have enabled many companies to have a presence on the web. It is therefore necessary to deploy effective strategies to make their way in the face of so much competition. Write a article optimized for SEO (natural referencing) is the technique best known for being visible online and expand business

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All the tips to create an SEO-optimized article

On the web, it is not easy to make your company known and to stand out from your competitors. To appeal to consumers and tell them that your offer exists, you must be visible and have a good position in Google's SERPs (i.e. the search engine results pages), so the objective here is to work on its referencing

Benchmarking - was established a few years ago, thanks in part to the Google AdsIts practice allows us to position ourselves in the first results on some keywordsHowever, the results obtained with this technique are not sustainable, as they will depend on the budget allocated to each of your campaigns. That is why you must add, in addition to these paid practices, a natural referent with a SEO-optimized content

The use of keywords 

In order to create a SEO-optimized articleselect one main keyword and integrate terms similar and of the various expressions However, it's not a matter of choosing the first word that comes to mind. To guarantee your visibility on search engines, the choice of this main keyword is decisive. 
In practice, if you opt for a popular keywordused by all the sites, it will be difficult to position your website thereupon keywordIt will therefore take much longer to stand out from your competitors. 

However, it is still necessary to choose a word that is likely to bring some traffic It is therefore a question of finding the right balance by analyzing two indicators, namely the popularity and the number of hits

Moreover, beyond this main keywordwork on a semantic fieldFor example, if your site e-commerce specialises in the sale of chocolates, use all terms such as "chocolate bars", "praline chocolate", "caramelised chocolate", "chocolate cakes", "chocolate dessert" ...

If you wish, you don't have to choose a single word. The long tail keywords (these are expressions that are composed of 3 to 4 words that are longer and more precise, they are specific to your sector of activity or your offer) are very successful. How to explain it? When a user goes to GoogleThe search entered by an Internet user does not consist of a single word. Generally, the searches are "how to do...", "where to find...", "what are the recipes for ...". 

The creation of a SEO-optimized article requires compliance with organic searchThe main keyword must be present in the title of your articleIt should also be used at the beginning of your article, preferably in your introduction, in order to position yourself on this topic.

SEO-optimized article: how many words do you need to write?

In order to be positioned on Google's search engine, your article must be composed of at least 300 words, which is the number needed for the Google algorithms can analyze your materials and give you a positioning in SERPs

However, the ideal length of an article for search engine positioning remains unknown. For some specialists, long articles should be preferred. Their logic is as follows: the long articles will allow the use of many keywords and thus create a semantic field It would therefore, in theory, be easier to work on his organic search using long articles (1500 words minimum). 

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Customizing the URL 

The Google robots s sail between the locations internet through URLIf they are simplified and clear, your site will be easier to understand and will be considered a reliable source. 

To create a SEO-optimized articleInclude your keyword and remove any special characters. For example is not an optimized URL. 

To gain in visibilityIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write a simple and clear link: 

Analyzing the meta description 

Within the meta description (which is a brief summary of your page), insert your main keywordThis is used to indicate to Google The objective of the meta description is to make users want to discover your article. material The number of clicks is considered by Google to be proof of trust which improves the organic search of your article

Internal and external mesh 

For gain visibility and create a SEO-optimized articles, it is essential to integrate links

The first step is to incorporate internal linksThey allow you to extend the time of reader visitss, improve their browsing experience and create inks on specific words.

In addition, the external meshalso known as the netlinkingis fundamental. During the content preparationnever forget Google's philosophy that "if we like your content, we'll share it and we'll quote your site". To become popular and gaining the trust of search enginesCreate links to other content that you thought was relevant, indicate the articles you liked, publish your recommendations on a given topic, etc. 

Work on the images for an SEO-optimized article

Images are essential to create a SEO-optimized articleThe first step is to compress them so that they do not slow down the speed of your siteIn addition, also work on the ATL titleIf you don't know what name to give your images, choose some keywords consistent with the theme of your article
This work is essential because it allows you to optimize your traffic on Google Images.

Create a SEO-optimized article requires the understanding and application of these few rules. Your company will thus gain in visibility and in popularity with consumers

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