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Site tree structure: how to build a good SEO structure?

SEO tree

The creation of a site can take time. It is necessary to consider the content to be presented, the products to be promoted and the proper functioning of the site. However, your company must consider the tree structure of a site. Indeed, the structure of it has an impact on the SEO and the success of your business. 

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What are the advantages of working on the tree structure of a site?

Designing thewebsite tree allows you to organize all its contents. By grouping into categories, the user experience is satisfactory. Information is easily and quickly accessible. This aspect makes you want to spend more time on your site. 

This time spent discovering the information presented will decrease your bounce rate

In addition, the site structure allows for a higher crawl rate. The ranking of sites on search engines is done using algorithms. They manage to classify the contents thanks to URLs. Google analyses are done through links. 

If your site has well-structured URLs, navigation between pages and articles is simplified. This data proves to Google that your site has a fast navigation and allows it to have all pages indexed. 
If the links and routings are complicated, Google robots won't make the effort to go looking for them. They will not be taken into account for your organic search. You will have created impact-free content for your SEO

Having a clear site tree structure makes navigation easier and gives access to all of your content to Google algorithms

How to create the structure of a website to improve its referencing? 

In practice, creating the tree structure of a site requires in-depth work. It is not just a matter of organizing into categories and tabs. Your company must put itself in the place of the consumers to imagine the customer journey. You need to understand what the navigation is, what are the elements to be highlighted...

Analyze the competition 

Whatever your goals and your strategyyou still need to analyze what the competition. What are the current practices? What are the elements in place? Thanks to this analysis, your company has the opportunity to put its finger on the users' preferred practices. 

To differentiate and create a suitable structure to the desires of consumers, get inspiration from what's available online. 

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Use of keywords 

Whether for your categories or your subcategories, they must have key names, important terms for the search engines. This practice allows the algorithm to quickly understand the subject matter of your website. 
For example, if your company sells baby products, it is strategic to give names such as "0-3 months clothing", "baby bottles for newborns"... 

The most difficult thing generally is to find out what keywords choose. Here are some tools that allow you to identify relevant keywords according to your field of activity: 

Organize your content 

The tree structure of a site very often looks like a funnel or a pyramid. These are the most widely seen and used models. For your website, do not hesitate to look at this presentation, users are very often used to this type of navigation.

The important thing is to know how the data should be stored. To do this: 

  • List the material that you have. 
  • Create categories and sub-categories. 
  • Think about the elements you want to highlight. To know which products or services to highlight, think about your strategyWhat is the model or service you want to boost? Are you looking to have more subscribers to your newsletter? All this information allows you to develop the ideal structure of your site

Moreover, in this hierarchy of content, it is all a question of level. We recommend that you do not exceed 3 levels. If you want more, search engines may judge your content too deep and thus not take it into account for your natural referencing. The distribution is done like this: 

  • The home page is level 1.
  • Level 2 corresponds to the category.
  • The sub-categories represent level 3.

For example, your e-commerce sells shoes. 
The homepage will highlight your entire offer and the presentation of your company. This is level 1.
Level 2 corresponds to the models for women. 
Finally, level 3 highlights all the models for this feminine category: boots, sneakers, town shoes, ballerinas, heels... 

Internal networking strategy 

In the tree structure of a website, do not forget the practice of internal networking. This allows you to lengthen the time of consumer visits and increase additional sales. 
For example, you can put a link to a page of tips, tricks or even similar products. 
Nevertheless, make sure that this integration of links makes sense so as not to disrupt the construction of your site.

The creation of the tree structure of a site requires putting oneself in the place of consumers and having a strategic approach. For the success of your business, the organization becomes your best friend. 

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