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All about position 0 in SEO

The 0 position, also known as the quick answer box (answer box) or featured snippetsis the first position in the natural results of Google.

What is the featured snippet (position 0)

The featured snippet appears when an Internet user makes a request in the Google search engine. It is represented by an extract from a web page, responding to a request made by an Internet user on the search engine.


The answer appears in a separate block, placed just below the paid Adwords ads (Search Network), and just before other natural search results.

It includes an extract from the answer given on the website, a URL, a title and sometimes an image.


Google adapts and knows that Internet users want everything right away, so with position 0, it is possible to get the answer to a question directly by doing a search on Google, if you want more information, just click on the title or URL.

A study of STAT Search Analytics of March 2016 explains that out of 999,868 Google searches inspected, nearly 92,832, or 9,28%, have a 0 position, a trend that should undoubtedly increase, given Google's desire to satisfy Internet users as quickly as possible.

Examples according to the type of research

A definition request, a recipe or a question will more easily display the 0 position, while a commercial request such as "buy …" "order …" or "reserve …" by the user on the search engine will have less chance of displaying a quick answer box from Google.

For example, if you perform a search like "Adwords campaign", no position will appear, while if you perform searches like "Adwords what is it", you will see an answer box.


How to appear in position 0?

The definitions, recipes or other explanations appearing in position 0, are selected by Google, algorithms decide on the most relevant page, allowing the best answer to the user's question.

The results of position 0 can therefore change over time, depending on the changes made to the algorithm.

Google therefore chooses which pages appear in position 0, determining what the "best" answer will be, so it is impossible to force the search engine to force a site to display in position 0.

Of course, however, improvements can be made to your web pages, to have a better chance of being present in position 0:

  • Create quality content that answers specific and frequent questions from Internet users
  • Structure your pages to guide Google in its analysis of your site
  • Use synthetic lists

The SEO interest of the 0 position

The quick answer box STAT Search Analytics proves these advantages in terms of SEO, by revealing an increase in click rates from 2 % to 8 % in the 0 positions.

On the mobile, the 0 positions are also adapted to appear in full!


Sites that benefit from the featured snippet in France

Semrush, has identified the sites that benefit most from featured snippet in France with an analysis based on nearly 6 million keywords.

The sites that are most present in position 0 are the definition sites, so we find Wikipedia and Larousse first.

Other types of sites frequently appear:

  • Recipe sites (Marmiton,...)
  • Question and answer sites (Ooreka, Doctissimo or Aufé
  • French administrative sites (Service-public, Ameli, Impots.gouv, Urssaf)
  • Translation site (Reverso,...)
  • E-commerce sites (Cdiscount, Amazon, Fnac,...)

Tips How do you know if your site is eligible for position 0?

To make your site appear in 0 positions, you can use this tip:

site:your domain name + keywords

Example :


à propos de l'auteur.e : Swann Le Moigne



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