Does your site comply with Google SEO guidelines? Varvy tool on the test bench.

Bloggers, e-merchants, SEO specialists, does your site comply with all the seo instructions formulated by Google in 2016? Discover Varvy, an online tool for webmasters that will become THE reference in terms of analysis.

You have a website and you think it is optimized for search engines, google, bing, yahoo?

Google uses more than 200 criteria to rank Internet pages in its search engine, all of which are important, including the recommendations made on the site itself and the recommendations made outside it, i.e. its e-reputation, backlinks, signals sent on social networks, etc.

With regard to the criteria directly related to the site, also called ON-PAGE SEO, there are the titles, the loading time of the site, the location of the ads in relation to the content, the content itself, the link between the title and the content of the page, the fact that the site is adapted to all devices whether PC, mobile, tablet, the presence of a sitemap, and many other parameters.

As for the criteria relating to everything around the site, i. e. the OFF-PAGE SEO, such as the quality of links to your site and its internal pages, the resonance of your content on social networks, the number of times your brand is mentioned, they are also to be taken into consideration to improve your natural referencing.

We have tested for you Varvy.comthe new online tool for all, webmasters, SEO professionals, bloggers, website editors, etc.

What are the features of this tool? how can it be useful to you and how can it be used?

Vavry has the particularity of managing multiple simultaneous analyses on your website.

In addition to informing you in a few seconds about the loading time of the pages, the presence of the robot.txt file, the presence of a sitemap and its accounting on all devices, it tells you if the HTML code is valid, if it discovers the presence of paid links that Google penalizes.

This is only part of its power, the tool is able to tell you if some of your Javascript or coded files with more specific languages are not scrollable by search engines, and many new features are waiting for you on the site.

The difference with other tools is that it will check carefully if you respect Google's SEO guidelines. With an ergonomic interface, the tool allows you to analyze, in the blink of an eye, the improvements to be made on your site.

Here are the results for our website

Seo varvy tool
Varvy criteria taken into account by Google

How does the service work?

You can access all the features of the site for free, unlike most online services of this type, by entering the URL of your site, waiting only a few seconds and then reading all the recommendations and it's up to you.

Today, Vavry can boast of receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors around the world every month.

It will (probably) become the essential tool for all webmasters and a reference in the field of SEO.

Save time, analyze your site, fix problems and quickly gain positions in search engines. And if all this is not clear to you, don't hesitate to follow a training course or to call a professional.

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