What trends will impact SEO in the next 3 years?

Our society is subject to constant changes, particularly in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). In terms of organic search (SEO), Google's algorithm knows a lot of updates concerning the taking into account of certain factors.

As a result, the positioning of sites in search results is constantly in the spotlight and can be modified according to the new elements of the algorithm taken into account by Google, Bing ...

These regular updates lead SEOs to continually adapt their method, but also to carry out regular monitoring in order to be aware of the latest trends that influence the natural referencing of websites.

As Google's algorithm is constantly evolving, we have to ask ourselves the question: what trends will impact SEO in the next 3 years?

Top 10 trends that will have the most impact on SEO

A study conducted in 2019 by Rand Fishkin has identified 10 elements that are likely to have the most influence in the positioning of websites in search engines.

Trends that have an impact on natural referencing in three years time

You're probably wondering how this study was conducted. In fact, more than 1500 SEO professionals were interviewed to find out what they thought about the issue. Their answers were numbered in order of importance from 0 to 4 (4 being the element that has the most impact).

Google's entry in the verticals

Element #1 that will have the greatest impact in terms of SEO within three years are the verticals launched by Google that compete directly with publishers.

But what is it concretely?

The verticals are search engines specialized in a particular field of activity or platform, such as the search bar in YouTube, but also Gmail, Google Maps and all related services directly linked to Google.

The SEOs give a score of 3.36/4 to the influence of this factor on SEO over the next three years.

Google's progress in machine learning

As we have known for some time now, Google has made significant progress in the learning machine, or in other words, automatic learning. Already very present on Google Ads paid ads, Google's automation makes it possible to offer Internet users the most relevant content possible according to their requests.

It remains to be seen what this trend will give in terms of SEO which is still rated 3.24/4 after Google's verticals.

Search without clicks

The progress in natural referencing and the different methods of website optimization by digital marketing professionals is not only positive.

During 2019, a drop of 49% in the number of clicks on search results was felt according to Sparktoro. The reason for this is that users no longer feel the need to click on search results, as they already have the answer to what they were looking for via the over-optimised title and meta description tags.

This trend is expected to strengthen in the coming years with a score of 3.10/4.

Change in the presentation of the search ads

SEOs agree that a change in the quality or quantity of ads displayed in search results should have an impact on natural SEO.

The appearance of search results has just been changed, Google should not update this fact so soon...

A more difficult tracking

Internet users are more and more informed about data collection and even more so since the implementation of laws aiming at obligatorily informing them of this fact (e.g.: RGPD compliance). They are increasingly deleting their data (ad blocker, private browsing...) putting at risk the data collection, which is essential for advertisers wishing to offer the best browsing experience to their visitors.

This factor should impact the SEO with a score of 2.57/4.

Development of voice research

Voice search has grown dramatically since the advent of voice assistants, and this trend should certainly have an impact on SEO as ways of searching for information change.

Queries being more interrogative and humanized announces a change on the new referencing methods.

If you are already interested in setting up a SEO optimizations on voice searchwe have written an article on this subject available on the blog.

New products from Google

The search engine Google develops many solutions on the web, benefiting from a virtual monopoly on many of them.

The development of visual search or the improvement of Google Discover are elements that will have the least impact on SEO within three years, but they are factors that should not be neglected!

As we have understood it, several elements will probably have an impact on SEO during the next three years. As this study is based on predictions, only established facts will be able to tell us more about the different influences.

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