SEO On-Page: What is it?

on-page seo definition, explanations and list of the 10 main on-page referencing criteria

On-Page SEO is the set of optimizations for natural SEO that can be done on your web pages. 

On-Page SEO is part of - and an essential component! - of SEO On-Sitei.e. SEO optimizations that can be achieved on a site-wide basis. It is to be differentiated from off-site SEO, outside the website.

On-page optimizations are valuable information for search engines, which will allow him to better understand your pages and thus better propose them in the search results. 

Working on your On-Page SEO is therefore essential to benefit from a good natural SEO and maximize your online visibility!

Want to look into your On-page SEO? Today we give you the key criteriawhich you must take into account!

Above all, an appropriate page strategy

The most important thing in the On-Page SEO is actually to have one SEO strategy per page. For each page of your website, you should ask yourself :

  • What is the purpose of this page ? What's his message, what's his information?
  • What is the keyword targeted by the page? ? Don't forget, one page = one research intention! First of all, you need to determine which query your page should respond to.
  • How to best respond to the search on this keyword ? You will need to produce quality content that meets the expectations of both Internet users and search engines. How do you achieve this? Take a good look at the first results of the search you're aiming for, to get inspiration from what Google is promoting, and make the optimizations listed below.

The title tag

The title tag is currently one of the most important SEO criteria on a web page. The title tag, as its name suggests, gives a title to a page, and it seems to be one of the first indicators observed by search engine robots. 

Do you want your page to be referenced on a certain semantic? Make sure that this semantics is present in your title tag!

The meta-description tag

The meta description tag, although it has no direct SEO impact, is important. Hence its undisputed presence in On-Page SEO criteria.

Indeed, it actively participates in the attractiveness of your page in search results This is the small description that is displayed under the title of a page in the SERP. If the meta-description includes the keyword searched by the user, it will even be displayed in bold. Making you more visible.

The meta-description then contributes to the click rate that the display of your page will get, and therefore to your volume of visitors.

The structure of the page and its Hn tags

The structure of a page, therefore the how its information is organizedis a major natural on-page referencing criterion.

The structure of your page is made clearer by :

  • A title (H1)
  • Several intertitles / subtitles (other Hn tags: H2, H3, ...) 
  • The use of chips
  • Line breaks (producing aerated content)
  • The possible addition of a table of contents

Your content and its semantics

The heart of your on-page optimizations as well as your entire SEO is the content of your pages. 

To be optimized, your text content must be :

  • Quantitatively rich. I.e. complete and best covering the research intent users and (ideally) its sub-topics.
  • Qualitatively rich. Your text must really have its added value for the reader and be endowed with an varied semantics. Tools such as YourTextGuru can help you to semantically enrich your texts.

Your internal network

A page optimized for natural referencing is a mesh page! Thus, one of the essential criteria for on-page optimization is the internal links which are constituted on the different pages of a site.

Nothing like it for improve robot crawl on your site, give more power to your pages and make search engines understand the interconnections between your contents.

A well-constructed URL

It is preferable to have an optimal URL for engines and Internet users. A URL should be :

  • Be easily understandable: make sure you have the URL rewrite (to avoid wacky URLs)
  • Be short: I would advise 4 words maximum - reduce to keywords
  • Have keywords separated by dashes (attention, those in the middle: "-" and not those at the bottom "_").
  • Do not contain accents or special symbols.

Content formats

The variety of content formats can count as an on-page criterion.

Indeed, search engines seem to appreciate contents supplementing the text : images, videos, computer graphics, downloadable documents, do not hesitate to decorate your pages with these elements!

Image optimization

This is another on-page optimization that concerns the images within your page. To make them SEO-friendly, it will include :

  • Make your images lighter (by reducing their weight or adopting an optimal image format such as WebP).
  • Fill in an alt tag This makes it easier for Google to understand the image and contributes to its image referencing.

Structured data

Structured data represents "bits of code" that facilitate the understanding of your pages by search engines. In this, they are excellent levers for on-page SEO optimization. 

There is a multitude of structured data: they can indicate the breadcrumb trail of a page, the presence of Questions/Answers, a tutorial, they can give information about the website, the company, a blog article or its author...

You will find more information on our article dedicated to structured data.

In brief

You will have discovered in this article 10 on-page SEO criteria that make all the difference in the natural referencing of a web page.

But don't forget: it is important to have a good SEO foundation on your site upstream (SEO on-site) and then work on promoting your site and thus its popularity. This is off-site SEO!

Would you like personalized advice to boost your SEO?

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