Local SEO case study: how did we boost the performance of one of our customers?

Paradoxe ou avantage, le référencement naturel (SEO) sur les moteurs de recherche est maintenant très local ! Vous pensiez peut-être qu’un accès à cette fenêtre vous donnerait accès au « monde entier », eh bien non, dans un premier temps vous allez redécouvrir les sites et acteurs locaux.

What was our problem?

Our client offers B2B services in a very competitive sector: utility rental, in order to better reach Internet users who book mainly via the Internet, we have opted for a local referencing strategy.

Our approach

In order to position our page on the request utility rental Lyonwe have made several optimizations.


  • Amélioration de l’expérience utilitaire (interface, mobile, images)
  • Creating pages as a subset
  • Optimization of content and visuals


  • Lancement d’une campagne RP
  • Modification of the internal mesh size
  • Creation of high value-added content (see video on linkedin)


  • Optimizing content
  • Adding a visual
  • optimization of H1 and Title tags


After only 2 weeks, the page already gains 10 places in the search results. the following month, the page starts to be visible in Google's top 5. 2 months after the modifications the page is first in the SERP on the utility rental theme in Lyon.


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