SEO Optimization: the elements to take into account for your site

When creating a websitethe objective is to be visible on search enginesBut you can't not create your material and wait for the Internet users You have to use different techniques to be in the first results GoogleOne of them is to ensure theSEO optimization of your site.

Indeed, when you have a websiteit is essential to familiarize yourself with the concepts of organic searchalso known as the SEO.

But how do we do that? What are the essential practices for having internet visibility ?

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SEO Optimization: all the elements to work on your site

1. have new content regularly

To gain the trust of the search enginesThe important thing here is to put in place a strategy for content marketing, depending on your company's field of activity. videos, of the blog articles, of the newsletters or even some e-booksIn this way, you will prove to Google that you are a reliable source of information.

If you don't have new content regularly, Google will consider that there is no update on your site, and so your information is not updated.

To avoid this phenomenon, create a publication schedule with topics you want to discuss, so that even if you don't publish the search engines will continue to present you as an existing source.

2. the number of characters

In this idea of regularity, you cannot publish to publish. There are requirements for Google considers your content to be reliable. articles It is a good basis for developing your ideas, giving examples and building your arguments.

For example, if by performing a search Google you find articles containing 200 words where there is no answer to your question or argument, you will leave the page.

Google has therefore designated a minimum to ensure the content quality You should consider this information for your SEO.

3. the importance of defining a keyword

You have no doubt that the Google robots cannot read in detail all the content on the Internet, so a solution had to be found for Google algorithms can identify in a few words the subject of the content, as well as the quality of the content.

It is with this in mind that the keywords. You must define a main keyword for each content, defined according to the searches performed on Google.

For example, you want to write an article on the recipe for beef bourguignon, your keyword will be "beef bourguignon", because it is this word that is typed on Google by Internet users to perform a search.

This word must be in your title, in your URL and in the first paragraph, and these practices are essential, because they are the first elements SEO that algorithms analyze. In this way, the subject of your content is clear and precise. Your site will therefore gain in organic search.

You must have this approach for all your content.

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4. create a semantic bubble

To ensure theSEO optimization of your site, one of the characteristics of the Google algorithms is to analyze the keywords present.

Around the main keyword defined, you must create a semantic bubble so that Google considers your qualitative content, that it trusts you, and thus ensures your visibility on search engines

For example, you have a company You want to write about the importance of removing make-up in the evening. main keyword can be "make-up removal". Throughout the article, you must include keywords around make-up removal:

  • Make-up remover
  • Make-up remover oil
  • Make-up remover routine
  • Top 10 make-up remover
  • Make-up
  • Make-up remover care...

The objective here is to have words that correspond to your content and subject matter.

5. the construction of your content

To improve your organic searchYou have to integrate titles, subtitles and paragraphs. If you come across a huge block with 45 lines, it doesn't make you want to read. That's how Google Think about it. Present airy articles.

In addition, this practice is beneficial, as the user will get an idea of your content by scanning your article using headings.

6. give a name to your images

Your content must contain images, which air your article and make you want to discover your writings.

In an approach ofSEO optimizationgive a name to your visuals by assigning them alternative texts, they must be composed of several keywords Beyond giving more information about your content to Googleyou will also increase your visits thanks to Google Images that will successfully index the images of your content.

7. the meta description

Do not neglect it meta description In a few words, summarize the main idea of your content, of course, this insert should include the main keyword It is a help for Internet users who have more information about your content and the general idea of your words, they will want to discover it. material will become popular and you will earn points from Google.

8. link integration

In your articles, to have a good SEO optimizationmake sure that you integrate internal linkss, or links from your siteas well as the external linksThis technique reinforces the quality of your website.

You will have understood it, theSEO optimization You must consider all these elements to improve your visibility on search engines, and thus gain opportunities within your company.

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