Netlinking: practices to follow for the SEO of your site

netlinking and SEO optimization

To return a visible website on search engines, two techniques are known: the content creation and the netlinking
If you choose to develop a materialsThe latter must be consistent with your brand image, optimized for natural referencing and answer the questions of the Internet usersFor the netlinkingit's aboutincorporate links in a site

But how do you develop a netlinking strategy What are the practices to be put in place? 

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The importance of netlinking for your website 

The course of the Google robots is carried out through the links on a website that prove the popularity of a piece of content.

The logic is this: Google assumes that if your content is of quality and consistent, the users will share it. Links from other sites that redirect to your website are important elements in improving your visibility

Faced with this observation, the backlink (or backlinks) has long constituted the bulk of the SEO work for the most part websitesHowever, Google has decided to introduce regular checks, as its Penguin filter detects links and inks With this method, the search engine manages to highlight only the abusive ones. materials of quality and not those who have abused these practices. 

Today, the netlinking is still important for the natural referencing. But the Google criteria have evolved and become more complex. 

It is essential to address this notion in order to : 

  • Improve your position in the Google SERPs
  • Gaining visibility and sell more
  • To be considered a reliable source of information and to establish itself as a expert in its field of activity.
  • Connecting with consumers more easily. 

Benchmarking netlinking includes the external meshs, i.e. redirections to other websites, but don't forget the internal networkThis technique consists of creating links and structuring them in a certain way on your own website. This makes it possible to make the users' journey on your website more fluid and to encourage them to discover other published content. 

However, in order to optimize your natural referencing, check that the inks For example, don't put a link on the word "link" over the word "...". online shop " if the link corresponds to existing physical shops. 

9 practices for setting up an efficient netlinking

1. be on the lookout for what is being said 

To implement a strategy netlinking effective, you need to be curious and observant. watch work allows you toincrease your visibility and to gain Google's trusts. Indeed, some users In this case, do not hesitate to contact them so that they can put a link to your site. 

How do you find the people who talk about you? 

  • Enable notifications on Google whenever someone talks about you to ask them to add a link. 
  • By typing site:mydomain.comFind all the sites that talk about you. 
  • Tools are available to do this research such as Ahrefs or StreamingfrogThese identify the locations where there are no direct links to your companyYou can get in touch with the right people. 

2. the presence of the social networks buttons 

On your websites, integrate social networking buttonsThey encourage Internet users to share your materialTo improve the effectiveness of this strategycreate quality goods.

With the massive use of social mediaHowever, don't forget to create qualitative content that is consistent with your image and allows you to provide a precise response to your users.

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3. the transformation of its content 

In order to generate quality links, your company needs to reach more people. To do so, please feel free to adapt your contents to diversify your distribution channels. If you create, for example, written articles, consider adapting it to an audio format. The podcasts can reach everyone who doesn't necessarily have time to sit down to read an article, so they can listen to your content while driving, cooking or brushing their teeth. 

This approach maximizes your chances of being seen and heard and the sharing will happen spontaneously.

4. the production of free content 

During a Google navigation, the consumers are looking for answers to their questions. But above all, they want something simple, fast and free. Don't hesitate to create ebooks or guides.
For develop your businessWhat are their questions? What do they need? What are the elements that can improve their daily life? 

By adopting such an approach, you will be able to create a genuine link with users

5. betting on resource lists for netlinking

Integrate your company into a maximum of resource pagesThey are highlighted on many websites in order to present all the tools of the content creator. 
This "Resources" page is only made up of linksTake advantage of these to integrate the one of your site internet

How to find them: 

  • Type on google [title: "useful links" + keywords].
  • On the sites you visit, suggest to the author to add your site to his list of resources. 

6. the great practice of guest articles

The guest articles are probably the technique of netlinking the best known. The aim is to establish a win-win partnership with another website. You can, for example, invite another company to publish on your site and write an article to publish it on someone else's site. 
The objective here is toadd links that point to each other in both companies

7. opinions on your products or services 

Numerous consumers are used to talking about their customer experienceThese notices can be left directly on the brands' websites. Feel free to go there to see if they have mentioned your company and if a connection was left. 

8. to be present on the web 

If you wish to gain visibilityyou must be present on relevant itnernet sitesGo to sites in the same sector as you that are well positioned on search engines. To increase the number of backlinks, leave a comment with a link to your company. 

Be careful, don't just say "great article, Richard from". It's about giving an opinion, creating a rich content You must remain consistent with the theme developed in the article and not promote your business.

9. the power of influencers for netlinking

Using influencers is a new way of communicateThese have a communityhave already won the internet confidence and have developed content on certain themes. Depending on your field of activity, look for influencers and create partnershipsDuring this exchange, a link to your site must be incorporated to strengthen your netlinking

All these techniques allow to expand netlinking of your company. Gaining visibility and in popularity requires effort and requires strategizeDepending on your business sector and your objectives, do not hesitate to apply these tips.


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Magnificent! Really very instructive :

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