SEO points for your website: have a digital presence

When we talk about the points SEOwhich is the organic searchthere are elements to analyze. The creation of a website can take time. But, in order to ensure its successit is essential to analyze the results. marketing strategys, its implications must be analyzed. referencingwe must do the same.

Even after the launch of your websiteto make your companyThere are elements to analyze to understand what works and what needs to be changed and developed.

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SEO points for beginners: the elements to work on

The points SEO can make you run away. The term organic search can be misunderstood. When you create a internal websitet for our companywe don't ask these questions, but they are elements that will ensure your success storyThat is why you need to look at this theme and adapt the elements to your business.

1. have a navigation menu

The main objective is to become a friend of GoogleYour site must meet certain criteria to contact Google algorithms. You must prove that your content is reliable and deserves to appear in the first results.

To do this, the search engine will categorize your content and classify it according to the fields of activity, depending on what is typed in the search bar, Google presents the contents corresponding to the keywords But this categorization can only be done if your items are stored in a navigation menu.

In addition, to guarantee thecustomer experience and improve the time spent on your website...provide a search bar. Thanks to it, the user is completely free in his navigation.

2. create a publication schedule

Work on the SEO points means having a regular presence. The best way strategy is to create a publication scheduleWe advise you to organize brainstormings according to your field of activity and make a list of content ideasIn this way, you will be able to distribute the publication of new contentIt is not worth publishing every day and then disappearing for a month, the important thing is to be present at regular intervals, even if you can't publish every day, once a week is a good start.

3. content creation

After having the ideas in terms of publications and to materials, it must meet certain requirements SEO rulesEven if you are not an expert, it is possible to determine your own keywordsRemember that Google is a robot. To communicate with it, there are keywords that provide guidance to the search engineImagine what terms users will type in the Google bar, for example, for someone who wants to make a chocolate cake. Googleit is possible that this one types: "chocolate cake recipe", "chocolate cake", "making a cake", "making a flowing cake", "dark chocolate cake"... All these terms are considered as keywords by Google and must be part of your content.

We invite you to keep regular watches. Like the Google algorithms are evolving, the keywords Make sure you follow these developments so that you are not impacted.

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4. the weapon of analysis

Google provides you with a powerful and totally free weapon. website and to improve these points SEOcreate a profile Google AnalyticsThis tool will allow you to analyze all the elements concerning your siteYou will find all the necessary information about the visits, your target audience, the time spent, popular content, the keywords typed on Google to find you, etc.

In this way, you will be able toimprove your website in order to adapt your communicationwe but above all to determine what the popular contentThe information you provide helps you understand why visitors come to your site, so you can improve your content and gain popularity on Google.

5. more technical elements

For those who wish to go further regarding the SEOhere are the elements that can be worked on:

  • Create a Robots.txt file
  • Analyze and avoid the duplicate content
  • Have a mobile version of your site so that it is Mobile Friendly
  • Reduce and compress images to avoid impacting the speed of your website
  • Have a host

All these SEO points are necessary to win new customers Depending on your skills and needs, it is possible to develop your organic search.

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