Natural referencing: our infallible tips to improve it

Benchmarking correct positioning of your site on Google is a great help for your businessYou have to be visible, you have to put techniques in place to be in the first Google results All this is possible thanks to the organic search.

Of course, there are techniques for paid referencing, in order to be first in the Google searchesBut these purchases are visible since the search engine presents them as "ads", which is not ideal for gain the confidence of readers and of the consumers.

But how to develop your organic search ? What are the techniques and referencing tipst, in order to be in the first results?

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Tips to improve your organic search

Study the strategy of your competitors

When you create a companyyou analyse the market and the competitors to know how to stand out. In your strategy of organic search you have to do the same thing. Indeed, when a person is going to do a research Googleyour competitors will automatically appear, because they use the same keywords than you do.

You must therefore make a list of the elements present in your competitors How many articles are published? What information is shared? What are the keywords chosen? Do they use the social media ?

Make a competitive intelligence not to do like them, but to analyze their content. The important thing is to determine the referencing practices Because, if it works for them, you can implement these techniques in your own way.

Correct SEO elements on your site

L’optimization of your website has an influence on your organic searchYou can have the best site in the world, if it is not well optimized you will not get the desired results.

It is essential to analyze the results of your website and to optimize SEO points precise:

  • The loading speed
  • Duplicated content also known as duplicate content
  • Non-optimized items
  • The importance of having a menu within your websiteIt is thanks to him that Google succeeds in identifying and classifying your materials.

To do this, book a time slot in your week to analyze the impact of your website.

Optimize all your content

Beyond your siteoptimize the entire material that you have published. Several criteria are taken into account:

  • Repetition of keywords
  • The presence of images
  • The structure of your article it must contain titles, subtitles also called "H3", "H4"...
  • URL customization
  • The meta description

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Putting yourself in the shoes of consumers

Google allows us to answer questions we may have. This is one of its first uses. Whether it is to test a new recipe, to find a piece of furniture or to find the nearest pharmacy, you can go to Google.

In relation to your company and your field of activity, you must put yourself in the position of the consumerWhat are the questions it raises? what are the missing elements on the internet and on your site ? What does he want to know? What information is important to him?

This method has two advantages: the first is that you will be present when the person does the research, but when there is a question, there is a need. materialyou're going to win customersPeople will click on your articlewhich will become viral. That way, Google will understand that you have a good contentFor your organic searchit's ideal.

The second advantage to this practice is that you will earn the reader confidenceYou show your transparency, but also your expertise and know-how.

Use Google My Business

Easy and free tool, Google My Business allows you to tell Google that your company It will list you in its database and highlight you when a search according to your field of activity is performed.

But, for this to work, you must fill in all the required fields.

Be patient

Benchmarking organic search results in winning the search engine confidenceGoogle thinks like a human being, you don't trust someone you've just met, you have to establish a relationship, create a bond, for your websiteyou must proceed in the same way with GoogleSo be patient and regular so that your company can be visible and gain his trust.

By implementing all these tips, your company and your website will develop and grow. Over time, you will gain places on Google with a efficient natural referencing. These practices are beneficial to increase your company's turnover. 

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