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In the digital sector, everything is evolving very quickly and obviously webmarketing is not to be outdone ! between new technological advances to be ever more precise in data collection and the willingness of states to protect citizens, what are the latest news from remarketing ?

Remarketing, a flourishing market that is always at the forefront

Remarketing is the golden egg hen of Internet advertising and a thriving sub-sector of digital marketing!
Thus, 20% marketing professionals have a budget dedicated to retargeting and this figure is booming. 87% of them said last year that they wanted to increase their retargeting budget, especially on mobile phones.
Consumers often say that remarketing is intrusive, yet all marketers agree that this technique is extraordinarily powerful and effective.
As proof, according to studies conducted, 70% consumers are more likely to finalize their purchase after being subjected to retargeting content.

Invisible login forms found on commercial sites

It is therefore logical that marketing professionals should be tempted to push retargeting techniques a little further in an intense quest for efficiency.
A American study published at the beginning of 2018 showed that some websites have succeeded in setting up a system that diverts the use of cookies.
For example, in the United States, connection forms undetectable by the average Internet user have been found on websites, such as the login used by consumers to connect to their various accounts.
The goal? Target the consumer much more accurately than by using, for example, an IP address that can be shared.
Through these invisible login forms, the brand uses the person's login to track and collect information about the person on the Internet.

Protecting consumers and their privacy

But it is quite obvious that some lobbies and defenders of individuals' privacy are protesting against such methods, whether they are governments or even multi-nationals, measures are being taken to prevent abuses.
This is particularly the case for the RGPD and its future implementation of e-Privacy, which could lead to a ban on cookies in commercial emails unless the Internet user explicitly indicates his or her agreement.

Google proposes to disable targeted ads

In addition, since the beginning of 2018, Google has allowed users to disable targeted ads, so that users can customize the topics they are interested in by clicking on the cross next to the name of the company that is running the ad.
However, the deactivation of ads is only functional for 90 days, and Google explains that advertisers do not target consumers beyond 3 months to justify this.
The only downside is that ads are only disabled on the web giant's network, and consumers will still see them on social networks in particular.

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