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Retargeting and remarketing: what are the differences?

For several years now, retargeting has been used by many brands in their digital strategy, and is now considered an essential lever for Internet marketing, the term remarketing is more recent and it is not always easy to distinguish it from retargeting.
So what are the differences between retargeting and remarketing and how can we avoid making mistakes in the use of these two terms?

What is retargeting?

Retargeting - literally retargeting - is a web marketing technique that consists of re-exposing a prospect to content (see the precise definition of retargeting)
Retargeting is neither a lever to increase brand awareness nor a loyalty tool, it has only one goal: to enable the brand to increase its sales.
by transforming a prospect into a new customer
by bringing back a former customer.
Brands can thus set up advertising campaigns to track visitors who have left their site before completing their purchase.
In general, the campaign is adapted according to the progress of each prospect in the sales funnel.
Retargeting is multifaceted: it can be display campaigns, search engine ads, social network inserts or highly targeted and relevant e-mails based on gender, age, habits and consumer interests!

What is remarketing?

While retargeting has succeeded in establishing itself as an essential component of all marketing professionals' strategies, what is this new tool called remarketing ?
The answer is simple: it's nothing more than the term Google coined to talk about the retargeting solution in its Adwords program.
This lexical invention of the web giant is a way to stand out... from pure marketing, in short!

Retargeting, how does it work?

Cookies, which can be included on websites or in emails, are then installed on Internet users' browsers and record the information that a brand wishes to collect.
Thus, a visitor who does not complete the purchase cycle and does not validate his basket will receive a reminder email a few days later urging him not to miss his order.
Similarly, an Internet user who researches a particular object will be offered articles related to his or her research.
To be effective, messages must be particularly well thought out at each stage of the conversion funnel and the channels used must be adapted to the consumer's habits.
In short: retargeting and remarketing are equivalent: the first term refers to the general process while the second distinguishes Google's particular offer, but in any case, because it makes it possible to offer targeted products or offers and avoids losing prospects, it is an essential tool in any webmarketing strategy worthy of the name.

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