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Definition of retargeting or remarketing

Retargeting / remarketing / retargeting is a marketing practice that most often consists of targeting, through banners / text ads / videos / enriched content, a person who has visited a website, but for whom there was no purchase or conversion during this visit.

Follow the Internet user who has not converted

Let's take the example of an e-commerce site (Advertiser) that sells green frogs: when the Internet user visits this site, the remarketing platform will deposit a cookie If the same Internet user does not make a purchase on the e-commerce site, he will be "reloaded", i.e. when the Internet user visits other sites on the web (publishers) he will see ads linked to the Advertiser's products.

Of course, by browsing the web, the Internet user will accumulate cookies on his computer and there will be a competition of advertisers, at which point a RTB (Real Time Bidding) system is set up by the majority of remarketing actors to define the ads that will be exposed to Internet users, the competition is linked to the advertiser's auction and the quality of his ads.

Here is a remaketing example for visual and textual banners and other remarketing example Skyscrapers.

How to do remarketing?

There are many different retargeting platforms for advertising, so here are the best known ones:

Remarketing Adwords

Adwords is Google's advertising agency, which allows the marketer to reload visitors to a website on several networks: display networks (including Youtube, Gmail) / search networks or search networks / Google partner networks (more than 3000 active partners).
On the publisher side, the advertising space is managed on the platform Google Adsense.

Facebook Remarketing

Unlike Adwords retargeting, facebook allows you to deliver ads by native advertisingfacebook also gives you access to other networks such as Instagram or Facebook messenger.
Internet users visit the advertiser's website and then discover the advertisements directly in the facebook news feed, for example on the application or on the facebook website.

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