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Inbound B2B Marketing: How to create an efficient lead generation strategy?

Marketing methods and B2B sales techniques have been disrupted by digital technology for the past ten years or so, and marketing or sales managers are forced to rethink their strategies to adapt to the changing needs of their customers. new behaviours of the buyerNo more searching for the consumer through methods push intrusive; now you have to attract his attention so that his choice is made on you. That's what we call inbound marketing or incoming marketing or B2B lead generationBut how to proceed? Explanations.

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Incoming marketing for sales representatives

The observation is undeniable, traditional marketing no longer worksAnd yet, who has never been a victim of generic spam prompting you to buy a product or benefit from a service from a company you have never solicited... The consumer is tired of these "harassment" techniques, resulting from outbound marketing and which are less and less proven, as the sales representatives testify.

Inbound marketing is opposed to outbound marketing, its objective being to encourage buyers to come to your site without having to go looking for them, often illustrated by the analogy of hunting and fishing: one will hunt the target it has chosen, while the other will attract it into its nets.

The key points of inbound marketing:

  • Seek to understand your audience 
  • Produce strategic digital content 
  • Promote its value

But how do you convert these simple visitors to qualified prospects on your site?

A B2B marketing strategy in 4 steps

Phase 1: Attracting visitors (called "foreigners") with the first step of the lead generation

The longest but most important, this phase requires a process of reflection on the keywords on which you will position yourselfand then on the implementation of tools for attract qualified traffic :

  • Site with high value-added content page and blog: it is the very basis of inbound marketing, the blog is the most effective tool to attract visitors to your website, the published content must clearly focus on the issues faced by your target audience.
  • Natural referencing (SEO) : the challenge is to position your site on the first page There are several key elements: the editorial line, the structure of your site (the code must contain the keywords), the speed of loading your site, responsive designand finally back links.
  • Social Media : the power is held by consumers who can give an opinion, comment and interact on issues. By posting blog posts on your social networks for example, you will create a more intimate relationship with your target. Adopting a social selling approach is essential and will allow you to position yourself where your target is present most of the time.

Phase 2: Converting foreigners into lead, second step of the lead generation

The objective is to change the status of the visitor to that of qualified prospect. If it leaves as quickly as it arrives on your website, your strategy will not generate any return on investment, so it is necessary to implement them, by setting up actions to recover contact details and therefore lead generation for your BtoB company. these are two essential tools:

  • The call to action or action call button: as its name suggests, you will encourage your visitor to take a specific action, and the user must quickly understand the action to be taken and the added value it will bring, and the button must be attractive both in its graphics and in what it offers.
  • The landing page (destination page): by clicking on a call-to-action button to download a white paper for example, the user arrives at a landing page. If he wants to be able to benefit from the offer he will have to fill in the useful fields that you have placed on this page, so that you can collect valuable information for your company.

This is a "fake" example

Phase 3: Transforming your leads into customers

To qualify your prospects you must ensure that they match your ideal customer profile. in an inbound marketing approach, we will use the method of Lead Scoring With the information collected you can then create campaigns to Lead Nurturing, whose main interest is to keep in touch Fuelling your prospects' purchasing thinking helps to keep them in their memory, for example, personalised e-mailings are an excellent solution to increase opening and click rates.

Phase 4: Building customer loyalty

To optimize your ROI on your inbound marketing strategy, it is essential to retain your customers in a sustainable way... Why? the longer the lifetime of a customer, the more profitable the cost of acquiring a customer via inbound marketing in BtoB is!

We can never say it enough: keep in touch! use all the levers already mentioned (social networks, personalized e-mailings, high value-added web content, etc.) and take the time to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, in order to maximize your results.

The B2B marketing reality on a daily basis

In B2B marketing reality, companies mix the two: inbound marketing and outbound marketing tend to complement each other: the incoming marketing approach is manifested by the site and natural referencing, complemented by outgoing marketing with the sending of e-mailing or newsletters (lead nurturing), and finally, the whole point of this process is to generate ambassadors, as Bill Gates states". the best advertisement is a satisfied customer "! With good hearing....

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