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How does the Amazon Ads advertising platform work?

How Amazon Ads work

Amazon is the leader in online retail. According to a study Market Pulse of 2017, the e-commerce platform has more than 2,900 new sellers every day, for a total of more than five million sellers in all. Amazon is also particularly successful in certain sectors, such as electronics, jewellery, leather goods, interior design and cleaning.

Amazon Ads are an effective way to showcase your products and brand. An Amazon advertising campaign is an effective way to gain visibility with a qualified target audience. Google Ads also improve the referencing of products in difficulty. They are, moreover, an effective prospecting tool for potential future customers.

Amazon Ads: which advertising format for which impact?

Amazon ads are based on four major display formats:

  • the Sponsored Products Adsor advertising of sponsored products;
  • the Sponsored Brands Adsor sponsored brand advertising;
  • the Amazon Store Adsdedicated landing pages;
  • Amazon display ads.

In these four cases, the operation of an Amazon Ad is similar to that of Google ads. The company dedicates a budget to a number of keywords. She only pays if users click effectively on the advertisement that corresponds to this keyword, at "cost per click" (CPC). In this configuration, these Amazon Ads are surmounted by a mention "".sponsored"because they're "sponsored".

Sponsored products on Amazon, or "Sponsored Products

The advertising format says Sponsored Products Adsor "Sponsored Product Advertisements", is the most widespread among Amazon Ads. It consists of quick and easy to set up ads. They allow you to enhance a product through the image, by displaying it at the top of the SERP - " ".Search Engine Result Page« or search engine results page - from Amazon.

As with all Amazon Ads, sponsored products require you toidentify relevant keywords to guide prospects. These keywords must also allow a satisfactory click rate. On average, the click rate on Amazon Ads is about 0.30%. It is therefore necessary to aim for a result close to this figure. Amazon also requires a minimum budget of 10€ per day to launch an advertising campaign.

Amazon product advertising is displayed on computers as well as smartphones and tablets. It is also delivered through the Amazon iOS and Android application. This type of Amazon Ads appears at the top of the SERP, but also when scrolling the results page, and inside the product pages. Click on this ad takes the prospect directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the product.

Example of Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
Example of Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

Amazon ads serving brands, or Sponsored Brands Ads

The Amazon advertising format says Sponsored Brands Ads allows you to value not one, but three products. These products are either directly linked to the searched keyword or to a product category. Either way, a Sponsored Brand Ad displays the following items:

  • the advertiser's logo or a picture of "One";
  • the title of the advertisement or a slogan;
  • 3 products with their visuals and descriptions;
  • Amazon ratings for each product.

Advertisements Sponsored Brands appear at the very top of the Amazon results page. They usually refer to a landing page - or landing page - dedicated to the brand or product. They are therefore particularly appropriate to serve a visibility strategy. They are also effective in the context of sales, where the risk of drowning its products in the mass is more marked.

Example of Amazon Sponsored Brand Ad
Example of Amazon Sponsored Brand Ad

A landing page Amazon in the image of the brand: the Amazon Store Ads

A Amazon Store Ad is in fact an Amazon web page customized to the advertiser's image. This page can thus be dedicated to the brand, or to its products. It can be used to showcase the entire offer, or just a particular range. This advertising page is also fully customizable. The advertiser thus chooses the text, but also the visuals or videos he wishes to highlight.

This type of Amazon ad page works very well in association with advertisements Sponsored Brands. Concretely, the client clicks on the advertisement. Sponsored Brand and landed on theAmazon Store Ad. This combination of advertising formats allows you to make the most of Amazon's natural SEO. It also enhances the user experience for the prospect, making them faster in their searches.

Examples of Amazon Store Ads
Two examples of Amazon Store Ads

Increased visibility via advertising Amazon Display

The Amazon Display advertisements differ from the three formats mentioned above. It is an advertising format that is not only displayed on the Amazon website. It appears, in particular, on the sites of its partners, or on Amazon devices.

This type of Amazon advertising allows the advertiser to make its products visible everywhere on the net. Their visuals effectively enamel the navigation of Internet users, even when it is unrelated to Amazon. It is an effective way towiden the audience of its Amazon Ads. This ad format therefore confirms Amazon's conversion power. It is estimated that the platform allows a conversion rate of more than 9% (Source : AdBager), compared to 1.30% for other websites.

Example of Amazon Display Ad
Example of Amazon Display Ad

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