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81% of Internet users are subscribed to at least one newsletter. This figure, from the study Email Marketing Attitude of 2017, reveals all the potential that newsletters have to gain visibility. They make it possible to be visible to a wide target audience. They are also a means of creating a link between the company and its list of prospects. When they are well written, they also guarantee to gain quality traffic on its website.

The whole point of the newsletter is therefore in its writing. What content should be highlighted to interest the reader and lead him to visit the website? How to encourage click-throughs, without adopting an overly commercial tone? How to build email objects to make sure that the reader opens the mail? Staenk comes back to 3 main principles to write a good newsletter.

The newsletter's essential: a title that whets curiosity

A well-written newsletter with interesting contents is unfortunately not worth much without an attractive object. The title of the email therefore plays a central role in the success of the newsletter. It embodies, indeed, the lever thanks to which the email is opened when it is received. It is therefore impossible to ignore it. You have to find an email subject that catches the eye and the mind.

To keep the eye out, a simple little trick: include numbers in the title. It can be a ranking of the best products the newsletter praises, or the number of good ideas it delivers. In any case, the numbers 10, 5 and 3 work well. According to the study Venngage of 2017, the 13th and the 2nd must be avoided. If the email also contains a limited-time offer, a simple reference to the time limit may suffice.

Another idea to attract the reader: play on his emotions. Beware, it is not a question of falling into an outrageous title to which the reader gives no credibility. The title can nevertheless suggest, through the keywords it mobilizes, a feeling that will push to the click. It can be the surprise, as is often the case with promotional emails. The newsletter can also play on happiness, love or fear and its counterpart, security. This is particularly the case for insurance newsletters.

subject email newsletter effective
A comparison of the subjects of emails from different insurance companies shows that those who handle the feeling of fear in combination with the feeling of security (here ©Securitas Direct) are more successful than those who are satisfied with a simple promotional message (here ©Securitas Pro).

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Write a useful newsletter to make sure you retain your customers.

A French person receives, on average, 39 emails per day. To make its place in this incessant flow, there is only one chance for the newsletter to get out of it: to be useful to the reader. It is better, in fact, to spend a week without sending anything, than to send an empty email of interest, which discourages subscribers. On social networks as in newsletters, the golden rule is the same: talking about the target is more effective than talking about yourself.

How to be useful to its customers at low cost? The newsletter can be, for example, an opportunity to share the company's expertise. The brand can offer a ranking of its best tips, a decision support test or a user guide. The idea should always be the same: to be useful. The newsletter therefore embodies the added value that the brand can bring to its customers.. It thus indirectly encourages people to visit its website.

No matter what help is offered to its readers, the newsletter wins at respect a few principles to build loyalty:

  • embodying a sincere desire to help;
  • play on the emotions of the readers to get closer to them;
  • write a short and precise text;
  • be limited to a single CTA button (call-to-action) ;
  • have a tone and message appropriate to the target.
Examples of newsletters useful to readers
The newsletters of ©Nature & Découvertes and © 4 wheels under an umbrella embody the concept of useful email. Short texts show that brands are making an effort to take ownership of their readers' issues. Both companies offer relevant solutions to their target audiences.

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Personalize the message to get closer to prospects

A campaign emailing always targets one type of audience. Sending the same type of messages to all prospects indiscriminately would be counterproductive. In order to make each target feel targeted, a newsletter must be written for each type of audience. Specify the characteristics of the targets of each newsletter can help to better write them :

  • location ;
  • age;
  • socio-professional category and financial means ;
  • family situation and buying habits ;
  • leisure and interests ;
  • values.

How do you go about qualifying your target so precisely? The forms embody a solution that is simple to set up. They can be offered in exchange for registering for a test, or in exchange for sending a white paper or any other free offer. Another, more laborious way of doing this, however, is to analyze the profiles of competitors' social network subscribers.

Personalizing the newsletter, in fact, what does that mean? This means, first and foremost, that the email must contain the first or last name of the person concerned. This technique increases the conversion rate by almost 10%. Another trick: set the sending of the newsletter on a time slot during which the reader reads his emails. These times vary depending on whether the target is a private customer or a company. In the context of a BtoB communication, Tuesday is, for example, a day that works well. The end of the morning is also often a time reserved for e-mails.

Nature & Découverte is dedicated, among others, to a family target with two children on average, generally under 10 years old. Its newsletter is calibrated according to this specific public.

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