Strengthen your Web Marketing and Referencing Skills

The Staenk agency offers its expertise in  web marketing training over the course of sessions that are both comprehensive and geared towards the professional world. Courses take place in Lyon or in the rest of France. As a vocational training organization, we offer sessions that last from 1 to 5 days, depending on your level and  your needs.


Know the main web marketing channels (gain a global and operational view of the work)

Learn to run your online activities

Update your knowledge in digital marketing

Implement a web marketing approach that covers referencing, advertising, social networks, and the creation of content.

Training Topics

Training in web marketing
Training in SEO
Training in SEA
Improve your website’s referencing
Learn to manage social networks efficiently
Learn to create content that is optimized for the Web


The training programs offered by Staenk are conducted by an experienced instructor with several years of practice in the field of web marketing (both in-house and as
a consultant). In addition to academic training, the instructor will answer your questions and will present practical case studies to illustrate theoretical notions.

Teaching Method

The aim is to combine strategic thinking with technical information, to provide examples, to foster discussions on practical cases mentioned by the participants, and to exchange on  experiences.

Who Can Participate

For company managers / in communications / marketing who wish to begin or develop a web marketing approach, and for those who wish to move towards these types of jobs.

Where Does the Training Take Place?

You can take Staenk’s web marketing course in the premises of the coworking space of La Cordée, in their conference rooms in Lyon and in other French cities. The instructor can also come directly to your own offices.

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Training Organization

Staenk is an official vocational training organization. You can therefore fund your training through your professional training investment fund such as the fifpl. : 53290663529