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How can Brand Content improve your ventes ?

Brand Content embodies content that is brand and/or company-oriented. Whether written, filmed, photographed, stated, presented, drawn or pixelated, brand content is a central element in a company's communication. How to use it in an e-commerce ? what are the most effective techniques efficaces ? we explain everything.

What does " Brand Content "  mean?

The 33-year-old concept is used everywhere: we think of the Michelin Voyages tourist guides or the Air France and Asos magazines. Brand Content brings together all content that focuses on values, products, history, ranges, internal policy or the evolution of the company.

Brand Content takes many forms:

  • Product sheets
  • Editorials
  • Newsletters and emailing
  • Posts on social networks
  • Reports
  • White papers
  • Native content or website

You will have understood it, whatever the means, the objective is to talk about vous ! Today, all companies are confronted with it because content is a tremendous lever for growth.

When some still struggle to make the turn, others grab it with their hands. Monoprix relaunches the packaging, Michel and Augustin take liberties with their banana plantation or Le Slip Français plays in the city.

How to use Brand Content in e-commerce ?

How to make the most of the media and content creations to develop the turnover of your plateforme ? in many ways, fortunately. an e-commerce platform by definition has a large number of referenced pages, a newsletter or emailing (we hope) and a presence on some social networks. good news for e-merchants, no need to develop ailleurs !

Start from the beginning

Before any change, it is important to audit your own website. Where is contenu ? How do you read il ? Is it accessible ? Clair ? Intéressant ? FAQ ? Do you have many questions or requests complémentaires ? What about a FAQ ?

When the audit is done, focus first on your product or service sheets, making sure that the information is up to date, interesting, relevant and differentiating.

Think in particular of the essential elements of purchasing, such as expenses, which are at the top of the podium of the basket abandonment If certain costs cannot be excluded from the calculation, clear and explicit information on your product sheets will avoid an excessively high abandonment rate.

Focus on the SEO Why such an affirmation ? because Google penalizes (and strongly penalizes) pages that display existing content. the search engine will only display the oldest or most authoritative result and not all pages, so remember to modify your content.

Modify your interactions

Then let's move on to your newsletter/emailing and social networks.

After a good analysis of your emailing, try to understand which buttons work best and which are not.

In general, personalized content is highly appreciated, such as selections based on history, birthdays or milestones in life, or personalized content based on geolocation or behaviour.

Brand Content is also very useful in an email automation campaign: welcome email, reminder email following a shopping cart abandonment or exclusive information. On average, a reminder email has a conversion rate close to 30 %which makes it a lever to consider.

For example, Fanta has given itself a new lease of life by targeting 12-19 year olds, and all the content is designed for this age group, from the choice of influencers to the selection of social networks. 21 % growth over the year 2017.

See further on

Now that you are familiar with your existing content, it is time to turn to new trends.

What should we expect in 2018 ?

  • Local content: with the advent of m-commerce, location-based content is an asset.
  • Live: a must on social networks, live is becoming more and more popular.
  • Influence marketing: with the support of public personalities, the discourse is reinterpreted by audiences.
  • Data: for e-merchants, the rise of data represents a real opportunity to improve their understanding of the customer and their personalised communication.

With this short guide, become a early adopters and the best examples of e-commerce ! Throughout the life of your platform, remember to keep your content in harmony and stay focused on your customers' demands.

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