Twitter: 3 examples of successful marketing operations this year

twitter marketing operations

Twitter embodies a social network with a specific way of working in France. With 10.3 million active monthly users, the platform brings together an audience aged 25 to 49 on average. Nearly 50% of the "twittos" also belong to the socio-professional category CSP+. Brands targeting this type of audience have every interest in devoting a portion of their marketing budget to it.

What types of marketing operations work on Twitter? To be in the top of the social network trends, several strategies stand out. Social engagement, when it is sincere, always benefits from being relayed on Twitter. Another strategy is also to be close to your audience by adapting to its codes. Another relevant positioning is to post about your target, more than your brand. Staenk reviews these methods with 3 examples that have marked the last few months.

Targeting your audience effectively: the example of Parions Sport

Of all the social networks used by marketing professionals (see our dedicated page), Twitter is one of the best ways to get the most data about your audience.. The "Dashboard" tool effectively gives visibility on the demographic characteristics of subscribers. The company can thus have access to their centres of interest, but also to the other brands they follow. All this data can be used to design a marketing campaign that is perfectly adapted to its target.

This is probably what Parions Sport (@ParionsSport) did in May 2019. The brand of sports betting used the Mother's Day chestnut tree to subscribe to the language codes of one of its main targets on TwitterShe reinvested the expression "to put the daronne under cover" to launch a retweet contest and seduce a young football fan audience. The tweet at the origin of the campaign was retweeted more than 1000 times. It mainly generated long term exchanges between the brand and its audience. One year later, subscribers still send the photo of their bet to the @ParionsSport account, with the hashtag #ladaronnealabri.

This example shows to what extent Twitter can be a vector of loyalty, so that the message can be very targetedParions Sport uses the network's analysis tools, but also the insights With this campaign, the brand is also banking on potential conversions via the social network. Twitter estimates that nearly 40% of its users have already purchased a product after a tweet.

Parions Sport Twitter marketing campaign
Parions Sport's marketing campaign in May 2019 and the success of the hashtag #daronnealabri, in line with the sports betting group's target.

Twitter for authentic positioning: the #OnePlanetOneHealth campaign

Consumers value the authenticity of the exchanges and the sincerity of the positioning, whatever the social network. This is particularly true for the bluebird network in France. The French are actually using Twitter more to relay B2B issues than anywhere else.

This authenticity can be translated by the fact ofhave a Twitter account powered by an identifiable personThis strategy provides the humanity needed to maintain close contact with its subscribers. In this configuration, the community manager has every interest in remaining focused on twittos and its issues. The Netflix France account, which is very attentive to its audience and speaks little about the brand, is an instructive example of this approach.

Another way to mark the sincerity of the company is to to create a Twitter campaign that embodies his "marketing purposeThe #OnePlanetOneHealth campaign by @DanoneFr is a good example of this type of approach. It aims to make visible the brand's commitment to regenerative agriculture. Emmanuel Faber, Danone's CEO, brought this campaign to life with the #AskEmmanuelFaber hashtag. His rare but well-dosed interventions gave credibility to the campaign. marketing purpose Danone, which received more than 120 press releases from this campaign.

Danone's twitter marketing campaign
Danone's #OnePlanetOneHealth twitter campaign triggered more than 1,200 "bubbles" of discussion on Twitter.

Share to launch a product: the #Dragibustwitterpack campaign

Sharing is the foundation of all social networks. On Twitter, as on others, sharing is the basis of all social networks. social mediaThe brands that embody this concept are more successful than others. Sharing means, for example, offering relevant information to its subscribers according to their interests. Sharing can also involve, where feasible, to make visible the brand's behind-the-scenesThe Twitter audience is indeed characterized by its curiosity: nearly 60% of the French come to discover what they can't find elsewhere, according to a Kantar study of December 2017.

Sharing on Twitter is all the more necessary for brands as twittos embody a public of "prescribers". According to the same Kantar study, more than 60% of them allow themselves to guide their friends and family in their purchases. An interesting trait when we know, moreover, that 60% twittos love to test new products firstor participate in their development.

Twitter is therefore the social network to invest in to launch a product.. Several brands use it in this sense, including Netflix, Apple and Adidas. In May 2019, it was Haribo who found the trick to get his brand talked about. The taste of his Dragibus has always unleashed passions. Haribo has therefore devised a Twitter campaign that consists of offering fans the opportunity to choose the composition of the ideal Dragibus package themselves. The result is a video seen more than 1.2 million times, and more than 2000 likes. Spoiler warning: the green dragibus wins.

Haribo's Twitter marketing campaign
The video of the #DragibusTwitterPack Twitter campaign, which involves twittos in the development of a Dragibus pack, has been seen more than 1.2 million times.

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