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At the end of March 2020, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced the launch of a new e-commerce feature. This is "Facebook Shops", the latest e-commerce tool of the American brand. Facebook Shops should allow brands to create an e-shop for free, in just a few clicks. By announcing this feature on March 22, 2020, Facebook says it wants to do a service to small retailers hard hit by the containment. The Californian company is following the same trend as Google, which made Google Shopping free in April 2020. The two web giants thus intend to take advantage of the economic digitalisation that the global COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating. So how does Facebook Shops differ from the marketplace Facebook? The new tool distinguishes itself by allowing you to personalize your shop and chat directly with customers via Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram.

Facebook Shops, a feature unveiled during containment

On its platform "About Facebook", the American giant explains that the launch of Facebook Shops during the global pandemic is strategic. Facebook believes that the application will help small businesses digitize their . businesseven as they struggle to survive from containment. The tool should therefore make it easier to put products online. It must also simplify direct exchanges with customers, in a context where interpersonal contacts are restricted.

Facebook Shops in pictures
Example of e-shops Facebook Shops presented by Facebook ©Facebook

This promise is embodied in a Facebook Shops application that allows any business to create an e-shop for free. It then becomes accessible from the brand's Facebook page, from its Instagram profile or from the ads and stories. In the United States, customers can purchase directly from the application. In the long term, the objective is to move closer to a logic of "see now, buy now"in all countries.

So far, 1 million businesses have been selected to test Facebook Shops. This number is expected to grow in the coming weeks, especially if Facebook's cryptomonic currency, Libra, ends up launching. For the time being, the project is still struggling against the reluctance of the world's political and financial authorities.

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An e-commerce tool more powerful than the Marketplace Facebook

Facebook Shops is a free and personalized e-boutique, much more professional than the Marketplace of the California giant. The latter is indeed also intended for private individuals. With Facebook Shops, the web giant intends to offer businesses a professional application. It also embodies a new way of shopping, more intuitive and faster, similar to what already exists on Facebook Shops. Instagram Shopping.

An online sales app focused on the user experience

As described by Facebook so far, the Facebook Shops operating process is as follows:

  • the company selects 30 products or less from its Facebook product catalog;
  • it personalizes the e-shop with a cover image, typography and the colors of its graphic charter;
  • the e-boutique becomes available on the company's Facebook page, on the Instagram profile, on the stories of the brand or via Facebook ads.
Chat with clients via Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram Direct
Examples of chat client via Facebook Shops ©Facebook

From then on, the customer who accesses the company's catalogue can register the products that interest him or her or place an order. He or she can also, and even more importantly, Use Facebook Chat apps to ask for help. to a vendor or track his delivery. In the future, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct will even allow for direct purchase from the chat.

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What happens to Instagram Shopping with Facebook Shops?

The "Shop" version of Instagram should be presented in detail by Facebook this summer. However, the Californian giant is already revealing the general operation of the Instagram Shop application :

  • The instagramers discover new products via Instagram Explore ;
  • they discover the collections made by Instagram Shop;
  • they explore the collections designed by the brands;
  • every instagramer can filter its product searches by category;
  • he can also buy whole looks just from a photo.

Facebook has not yet announced any major changes to the existing Instagram Shopping features. It is therefore still possible to tag products on the social network so that they appear as "for sale". Instagram Shopping is also a partially free service.s, since Facebook asks the user to pay for the traffic generated, but not the tool.

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All the images in this article are from the Facebook presentation made by Facebook on the site About Facebook.

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