LinkedIn Ads: 4 reasons to create an advertising campaign!

Linkedin Ads advertising campaign

While some networks are designed to inform or entertain, others allow you to launch an activity and boost your company's brand image. The LinkedIn social network continues to be very successful in B2B. With more than 20 million users in France, one thing is certain: your prospects, customers and partners are all there! Create a LinkedIn advertising campaign allows you to get in touch with them in a very efficient way. Find out in this article how Linkedin Ads can be an exceptional growth lever for your company!

LinkedIn advertising: what is it?

This advertising agency can be found on Google, Facebook or even Instagrambut Linkedin is a predominantly B2B network! Linkedin social Ads is the advertising platform of the social network LinkedIn. This tool allows you to manage your online advertisementswith an active audience. 

The main objective of a LinkedIn advertising solution is to generate leads, to build a reliable database to convert into customers. To do so, you create, animate and distribute your LinkedIn advertising strategyto be defined according to your needs and your budget. 

From the Campaign Manager interface, dedicated to thedevelopment of Linkedin adsA wide range of tools and ad formats are available for create online advertisements in line with your brand image. 

In order to highlight all the information related to your company: news, offers, special events, products or services, LinkedIn Ads is a first choice partner!

Why create a Linkedin Ads campaign?

You have just launched a new activity and you need visibility? You would like to Obtain new B2B customers to grow your business? By carrying out a good strategy Linkedin AdsEveryone can find loyal customers, expand their network and do good business online! Here are 4 reasons why setting up a LinkedIn advertising campaign can be of benefit to you.

Achieving well-defined objectives

LinkedIn Ads allows to reach objectives divided into 3 distinct categories: 

  • the notoriety to gain more advertising impressions. 
  • the consideration to increase visits to its website, to create engagement (interactions) in order to expand its community; to have more views on its videos
  • the conversions to collect e-mail addresses and thus obtain new prospects; to find talents (profiles); to get a precise action from its visitors (adding a product to its basket, registering for a webinar, etc.).

Source: conversion funnel - Sirba communication

Define a precise targeting of audiences 

Unlike Google Ads where you are never sure who is behind the screen, the LinkedIn strength lies in targeting! Indeed, it is possible to target members of the social network with the advertisements, according to all the criteria that made up their professional experience.

For example, if you want to target CFOs in service companies with more than 500 employees, or CIOs in the industrial sector with more than 8 years experience, this is entirely possible! 

You even have the possibility to cross-reference this targeting with additional information such as :

  • the groups in which the member is registered.
  • his skills: finance, project management, etc.
  • his exact position: marketing manager, engineer, etc.

In short, you have access to the full range of filter criteria available, based on professional experience. A must in a professional targeting in B2B !

Increase your conversion rate with retargeting

Did you know that retargeting offers the possibility to increase its conversion rate by 85 %? In a nutshell, this technique consists of recontacting an Internet user after the latter has shown an interest in one of its products or its brand... The retargeting advertising on LinkedIn is a powerful conversion and loyalty tool!

Thanks to the LinkedIn Ads toolsyou will be able to create groups of people (Matched Audience) having :

  • visited a page of your site ;
  • seen a video posted on your profile;
  • filled out an Optin form;
  • interacted with your page ;
  • requested a registration to one of your LinkedIn events.

From 300 or more people in one of these groups, you will be able to re-target a qualified audience in a LinkedIn retargeting campaign.

Gain unique data on your audience

Depending on the marketing objective(s) you have chosen, you can obtain a maximum of information about the visitors to your website. The goal is to get to know your target audience better!

When you opt for Sponsored Ads or InMails, you have the option of integrating a contact form that your prospect will have to fill out to enter into a discussion with your company. In this way, you collect valuable information for your business: surname, first name, email address, telephone number, professional status, etc.

All these data will be complementary to those collected on Google Analytics. All this will have a real impact on your communication, marketing and commercial actions!

Staenk webmarketing agency configures, builds and optimizes your LinkedIn advertising campaigns thanks to optimised methods and experts who will accompany you throughout the entire process. LinkedIn campaign management

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