Live video finally available on Instagram

Announced last week on the official blogthe sharing of live videos on Instagram is now available in France.

In fact, the option has been available for some time now in several countries... From now on, all versions of the application have this feature!

The live video on Instagram, how does it work?

To see a video in live on Instagram, it's very simple!

You must click on the stories on which it says "Direct".

A pop-up will notify you when a live video is available. 

Unlike video in live from Facebook, don't forget to go and watch the video quickly, as it will no longer be accessible after it has been broadcast.

Steps to watch an Instagram video in live

  • Click on the storytelling live...
  • Watch the video!

If you want to make your own video in livethe steps are just as simple.

Steps to make an Instagram video in live

  • Go to your Instagram feed
  • Click on your storytelling
  • At the bottom of your screen, choose the Live video option.
  • Please wait...
  • You're on the line!

You can also go to the small camera at the top left of your screen and switch to "Direct".

#Tips : If you particularly like one of your subscribers' comments, you can pin it to the top of the list by pressing it.

Instagram made a short video of the presentation of the live. There it is! There it is!

Live Video on Instagram Stories from Instagram we Vimeo.

Anyway, it happened! We can now make live videos on Instagram! This new feature clearly seems to compete with the social network Snapchat, because the videos uploaded are only available for a certain period of time. If you need a helping hand our Instagram experts are there for you

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