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In 2019, the Philip Morris brand is making a resounding bad buzz by going to an influencer too young to promote cigarettes. Whether it's illegal staging or a lack of commercial transparency, bad buzz is fast becoming part of influence marketing.

The French Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité has been helping, for several years now, to clarify the ethical rules governing influence marketing. These guidelines are all the more important today. The health situation related to COVID-19 effectively makes consumers less indulgent. They are demanding authenticity. They want the personalities they trust to prove the sincerity of their partnership choices. In this article, Staenk returns to the three areas that need to be explored in order to make influence marketing more responsible.

Improve your brand image with responsible influencers

Consumers who choose to follow this or that influencer place their trust in a personality. More than producing content, the influencer is actually a prescriber. Through his selfiesThrough his videos and tests, he shows his preference for a brand or product. His role as a "recommender" therefore implies responsibilities. It is therefore the human dimension of influence marketing that explains the need to behave ethically.

The confidence of followers wanders off. Consumers need only detect a lack of transparency or authenticity for them to give up their likes. The St-Mamet brand was the victim in 2017. This one had proposed to the youtubeuse Sananas a partnership around its compotes. The influencer had exploited this commercial agreement in a video where she explained her diet. The video created a bad buzz. Consumers thought the partnership was not obvious enough and denounced the dangerousness of the advice given.

influence marketing bad buzz
The youtube Sananas is making a bad buzz in 2017 by broadcasting a video on a "miracle" regime that subscribers have denounced as dangerous. This post was sponsored by St-Mamet, Picard, Jordans and Carrefour.

One of the harmful behaviours of some influencers is also to compete unfairly with a colleague. These practices rarely fool consumers. They are also the subject of recent legislation. In France, for example, a mother recently launched her 6-year-old daughter's Youtube channel, making numerous references to another family of influencers. This Youtube channel lost its case in January 2020, due to unfair competition and "parasitic behaviour".

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Ensuring commercial transparency of influence marketing

Since 2018, the Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (French Advertising Regulatory Authority) recommends Systematically recall the commercial nature of influencers' collaborations.. This instruction is beginning to take hold, but was still poorly acquired in 2018. At that time, out of 500 influence marketing campaigns, only 55% of them reported their status as sponsored publications.

The rule for marketing influence is simple, however. Whenever a partnership is established in exchange for a consideration - whether in return for payment or as a gift - it must be explicitly and immediately identified as such. To do so, the #ad hashtag is not sufficient. The key words are to be preferred:

  • advertising;
  • sponsored;
  • collaboration ;
  • partnership;
  • paid.

Nor can it be merged into a list of tags.

To install these simple rules in the minds of influencers, ARPP has launched its own influential marketing campaign.. These are publications led by the influential Malaury Davis, Fannyfique and Fautosh. Through various publications, they embody the good and bad practices of influence marketing.

ARPP's Best Practices in Influence Marketing
The Fautosh instagramer is participating in the ARPP marketing campaign to empower influence marketing.

The case of child influencers is also the subject of innovative legislation in France. On 12 February 2020, the National Assembly passed a bill to protect their activities. The aim is to : supervise the working hours of his influential childrenwhose accounts on social networks are often kept by their parents. The law thus strictly regulates their commercial publications and the way they are staged.

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Think sincerity to succeed in engaged influence marketing

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly demanding with regard to the social commitment of brands. Brands have responded with varying degrees of sincerity. Companies have done more and more to calling on influencers to personify their commitment to a cause. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, however, consumers are more attentive to the authenticity of the partnerships formed.

It must be said that not all influencers wish to take a position in social debates. The conference on influence marketing that took place in early March 2020 in Paris shows that nearly 60% of influencers have received proposals forsocieting influence that don't match their values. If 67% of them decline them, 23% accept them against payment. A risky practice in a current context where consumers will not tolerate any insincerity.

L’societing influence can still succeed with influencers and brands who agree on common values. Good faith is central to this type of approach so that the follower doesn't feel cheated. There are several successful initiatives of this type of partnership. The veterinary drug brand Frontline, for example, has used the influential Natoo. She was to take on the role of team captain during a race to benefit the Chiens Guides Paris association. There are no false notes here, since the two dogs of the influencer are known to her followers.

Ethical influence marketing with influencer Natoo
No inconsistency when the instagrammer Natoo commits to Frontline for the benefit of the Chiens Guides de Paris association.

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