Facebook Creator studio: a new platform for content creators

Facebook Publishing Tools

2020 is likely to bring a wind of change to the Facebook platform, as after announcing the new interface at the F8 conference in 2018, Mark Zuckenberg and his teams are committed to providing a host of new features to offer more and more new content formats.

Creator Studio Tutorial and Notices

I told you about the Facebook publishing tool in the previous FB article. Although it is very complete, it is sometimes subject to bugs and its interface remains unpleasant and very heavy, not to mention the multiple notifications and messages that appear throughout the day... While I was sulking Facebook more than ever, I discovered an incredible new tool for all self-respecting CMs!

Creator Studio: the new content creation platform

Facebook therefore offers a new tool for content creatorsWhat's more, you'll now be able to program on Instagram from your computer.

Cross-platform publishing tool: Facebook Creator Studio

Launched in France in September 2019, the Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need for effectively publish, manage and measure the performance of your Facebook pages and Instagram accountsIt also helps you take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities that you may be eligible for, using a simple interface that shows you everything you need and removes everything you don't need.

A simplified interface

Facebook Creator Studio Interface

Manage your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts on the same environment

The Creator Studio allows you to schedule publications for your Facebook page. If you have linked your page to your Instagram account, you can also schedule publications for Instagram. The tool is therefore very interesting since it allows you to connect your Facebook and Instagram environment on a single platform. offering you to switch from one to the other in a single click. 

Note: this is only possible for timeline photos and videos in IGTV, but not for stories.

Publish, interact, analyze

In the Creator Studio dashboard, you have all the tools to manage your page at your fingertips: the content library, statistics, your inbox ... even a collection of sounds. It is highly likely that in the future, the business manager as we know him, will merge with this environment. This is the type of structure that we find in the beta test of the new version of Facebook.

In order to understand a little better the architecture of the creator studio, I suggest you to see together what is behind each tool.

  • The content library
Creator Studio Content Library

As its name indicates, you will find here all your publications. Different filters are available to differentiate between those that are published, scheduled, in draft, etc. This tool is very interesting when creating an editorial calendar for example, because it allows you to see your schedule at a glance and check that the posts have been published. 

To create a new publication, it's very simple. You just have to click on "create a publication" in the left column, then write your caption while choosing the format that you think is the most adapted. Note that you have access to all the formats proposed by Facebook: Carrousel, live video, poll...

Creating a Publication in Creator Studio

You can then decide whether you want to publish it or program it. To do so, you have an arrow at the bottom right of the blue "publish" button. Just like the usual publications, you will have the choice to program it, backdate it or save it as a draft. It will then appear in your library.

  • Statistics
Analysis of Creator Studio statistics

Unfortunately the complete statistics of the page, your publications and others are not yet available on the creator studio. It only highlights data from your video posts.But I'm confident that in the future, the publishing tool will take the same form, because yes, if you want to access your global data, you will have to click on "preview", select the page you want to analyze, and then you will be redirected to the classic publishing tool.

On the other hand, when analyzing your video content, the tool is very efficient and allows you to collect data on your audience, your retention rate or even your earnings if you monetize your posts.

  • The inbox

This tool is going to become a community manager's best friend. Imagine an inbox that regroups, your messenger conversations, reactions to your Facebook and Instagram posts and Instagram private messagesMix it all together and you get the creator Studio inbox! no more wandering between your pc and smartphone to reply to messages. Now you have everything at your fingertips on one interface.

  • A sound bank
Creator Studio Sound Bank

The creator Studio's primary goal is to push brands to make video content on Facebook. This tool is therefore made available to video artists/editors in order to simplify things for them by offering free royalty-free music and sound banks. Having tested the tool, the quality is really there and the filtering options are very complete. You have 100% of chance to find what you are looking for.

To sum up


  • With 1 dashboard, you can reprogram your publications for Facebook
  • You can also schedule publications for Instagram, even from your computer.
  • For those who manage several pages, you can easily get an overview of the planning of your publications on all pages.
  • Over time, this can become a worthy replacement for the Business Manager.


  • In addition to the tools and settings on your company page, you now have a second tool in which you can manage functions.
  • It is not yet possible to program Instagram stories.
  • App The application offers only a number of functions. For example, planning is not yet possible via the application.

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