E-commerce: which Facebook advertising formats should be preferred?

Facebook ad formats

Facebook offers a wide range of advertising formats to the more than 60 million businesses active on its network. To choose between one format or the other, the company must have clear ideas about its marketing objectives. It also needs to know the extent of its capabilities in terms of graphics.

On Facebook more than anywhere else, it is indeed essential to have attractive visuals. The Internet user is free to scroll down his news feed or to zap the storytelling if he's not interested in publicity. This aspect of Facebook ads can be a little off-putting. However, they also have many advantages. For example, Facebook is one of the few platforms that allow comments, comments, and likes and the sharing of advertising. A strategic element, which confirms the idea that you have to think carefully about your advertisement, as well as its format.

The unique image, the Facebook ad format to convert simply

Creating an advertising image is the simplest way to generate leads easily and quickly via Facebook. The image remains indeed a central element in the increase of traffic. The use of an advertising image is justified in the following situations:

  • the company begins its strategy of Facebook Ads and needs a launch pad;
  • an exceptional promotion is in progress and its content does not require long speeches;
  • a picture is enough to summarize the product on sale and its use.
Facebook Ad Format
What does a Facebook commercial look like?
  • Facebook Image Ads contain the following elements:
  • an image;
  • a short text;
  • the e-commerce domain name of the ;
  • a bold headline below the image, which should be bold enough to attract the target's attention;
  • a button of call-to-action.

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Facebook ad formats to create the need for purchase

Of all the Facebook ad formats that aim to create impulse buying, the carousel is one of the most effective. It effectively allows you to combine several images into one advertisement Facebooks, or even to associate a video with it in the case of "collector's ads". This "portfolio" ad thus compiles several contents under a single banner. In addition, it only refers to a single redirection URL.

Musical Ride Facebook Ad Format
Example of Facebook Musical Ride

The carousel can be used as a small product catalogueor as a portfolio that presents a product from different angles. This advertising format is, for example, very useful for progressive furniture. It is also a form of advertising that adapts well to the needs of the storytelling or social evidence.

The slide show is a Facebook advertising format that allows you to create a video from several visuals. This solution appeals to companies that can't afford quality video, but still attract clicks. Slide shows can be set up quickly and cheaply. Text and music can be added. However, be aware that most Facebookers use the social network without sound. So don't bet on the soundtrack to convey the central message of Facebook advertising.

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The videos and Instant Experiences to improve its notoriety

Facebook video ads require more investment than other Facebook ad formats. They often require the use of an external provider. So before you start, it is important to keep in mind that video is not the most effective medium for generating leads. From a sales point of view, it is nevertheless effective in one case: that of apparently complex products whose ease of use we want to prove.

Facebook Video Ad Format
Example of the Facebook video ad format

It is however for the storytelling that video is still the most suitable advertising format. Attention: in this case too there is a good chance that the user will watch the video without the sound. So it is the image and the text that must catch the eye of the Facebooker. You also have to be punchy in a short time. The stories Facebook feeds are limited to 15 seconds and Facebook and Instagram feed videos are only 60 seconds long.

The advertising format best suited to improving brand awareness and traffic generation to its site remains the "instant experience”. This type of Facebook advertising is only available on mobile phones. It plunges the Facebooker in an immersive universe, where images, videos and/or carousels follow one another. The mobinaute just has to scroll up and down and from right to left to make the little universe that is proposed to him evolve. This full-screen advertising format also loads 15 times faster than any other mobile website.

Other Facebook ad formats exist, including form ads, playable ads, or Messenger ads. To hope to sell via Facebook, try to test all those that seem appropriate for the business sector. As soon as an audience seems receptive, the brand can therefore try to diversify the advertising formats.

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