How to become THE social networking star?

Being popular on social networks is more and more difficult today, whether it is for an influencer or a brand. However, a webmarketing strategy on these platforms allows you to acquire leads, increase and improve your notoriety, sell even more easily...if you do it correctly. So how can you develop your marketing strategy for yourself or your company, and finally create and federate your sacrosanct community?

1. Define clear and motivating objectives

If you don't give it a rule, a goal can be very broad. So as with content productionIf you are not familiar with the SMART lens method, we recommend that you use the SMART lens method.

As a reminder, this method can be the mainstay of all your strategies, whether sales or marketing. Define an objective which is :

  • Sspecific

An objective must be understandable to all. If your goal is to "make more money" or "be a star on social networks", you are going in the wrong direction. The goal should clearly define what you expect. Focus on "getting more leads from Pinterest" or "increasing engagement on our Instagram publications", or "getting more Linkedin subscribers".

  • Mesurable

Put a figure on your goal! For example, "increase commitment to our Instagram publications by 20 %".

  • Ambitieux

You need to animate your employees (and you with) with an ambitious goal, in order to motivate productivity! Why is the objective to increase commitment 20 % and not 10 %?

  • Réaliste

Ambitious doesn't mean unattainable. Consider the resources you have: team, time, budget. Is this objective relevant?

  • Temporel

Of course, define in how long you want to achieve this goal. If the project is long, do not hesitate to contact the split into several sub-objectives with their own deadlines. So that gives us "I want to increase our company's commitment to Instagram publications by 20 % by September 30".

This clear goal is to create relevant content on a specific channel in order to increase the attention of your prospects/customers quickly. It's already clearer!

2. Identify your audience

Do you have your detailed goal to become a star on social networks? Great. Now it's all about who you're going to communicate with to successfully reach that Holy Grail.

Two scenarios:

  1. You don't have a presence on social networks, so you have no idea of your real audience.
  2. You already have an audience, because you're present on social networks but unfortunately, despite your efforts, it doesn't take... or you have an audience that you didn't expect (and, more embarrassingly, you don't want it to happen).

In case 1, go immediately to create your accounts to reserve your name. You wouldn't want an evil individual to take it over! Then, in order to spread your messages to the right people, and not to make an irrelevant mass communication, start to imagine 3 personas, that is to say your ideal customers (we try to detail their gender, age, professional and personal situation, expectations, interests...), according to these 3 segments:

The people you're already touching

Yes yes, even without having social networks, you can already know who you are already touching, as soon as you have had contact with at least one customer: you are a florist and only sell in a physical shop? You can see for yourself who comes into the shop and buys from you! Do you have a website? Google Analytics will be very useful for you! Find all the characteristics of the people who would represent your best current customer. This audience is to be loyal, but also these characteristics will help you define your targeting for social network ads.

In the example of a florist, my persona might be:

  • Caroline
  • Fifty years old
  • employee
  • bride
  • 2 children
  • buys flowers once a week for her home, and once every two weeks to make gifts.
  • uses Facebook and Whatsapp occasionally
  • expects a varied choice of compositions
  • appreciates personal advice
  • doesn't like to travel to buy

In terms of communication on social networks, an example of a simple solution to build Caroline's loyalty would be to create a page with a Facebook shop where the florist could put her photos daily and share them, or create a Whatsapp account to be able to listen to her customers' expectations and send them photos of the compositions in real time.

The people you want to touch

This segment defines the next audience you would like to reach, whether it is a younger audience or an emerging market. Let's stay with our florist example. The next audience he wants to develop could be:

  • Ophelia
  • 28 years old
  • employee
  • fiancée
  • no children
  • rarely buys flowers
  • buy online
  • uses Instagram and Youtube daily
  • is looking for ideas for her future marriage
  • likes mood boards
  • follows social network influencers

How to develop this segment? Florists can publish their wedding arrangements in real-life settings and create their own mood boards for prospects to easily find and pin them on Pinterest, or record them on Instagram. Pins linked to the florist's site, or Instagram publications, with an explicit and inspiring caption, linked to an optimized account with the shop address and link to the site will allow these prospects to think of you.

Circles of influence

Now we're going to talk about people... who touch the people you want to touch. All right, you still with me? Who's influencing your audience? Influence marketing has had a very special place in digital strategies in recent years, to the point where we are used to saying that consumers trust the communication of an influencer more than the communication of the brand. It's as if a friend recommended the use of a service or a product. At Staenk, influence marketing knows us well.

Creating these 3 personsas will allow you to better communicate by understanding the expectations of your targets, and also on which platforms they are located. Your personas are not or hardly on Twitter? Then focus your efforts elsewhere!

3. Master the codes of each social network

Now that this degreasing is done, let's (finally) move on to social networks, because, without even mentioning the algorithms, there's a lot of work to be done.

Each social network has its own population, its own community. I advise you not to communicate on Linkedin in the same way as on Snapchat, the expectations are radically different.

For example, Winamax, an online betting site, communicates in a very corporate way on Linkedin about its activity:

Nevertheless, on Twitter, they left the hand to a Community Manager who has a perfect command of the codes of this social network, which is conducive to trolls and discussions around sport. On the agenda: daring humor, irony, use of the same, self-mockery, a sense of repartee that the Twitter community is fond of... A mix that puts the account ahead of its competitors in terms of subscribers, commitment and therefore popularity.

Effective communication, a turning point that is sometimes very difficult for novices and business leaders to understand. However, the account is an example in its sector and for digital professionals.

A tone that does not prevent you from being very professional, but always with the right reactivity.

Or you play the card with your editorial line, like Netflix and this reframing of this subscriber to inappropriate comments :

But beware of the misuse of these networks. Very recently, a very aggressive advertising campaign by the company Comme J'aime (box Minceur) carried by the now famous Bernard Canetti invaded our TV screens and Twitter news feeds. Under each tweet of personality with the slightest overweight, Bernard Canetti invited (= spammed) this person to enjoy a free week of his slimming solution. Not necessarily the best way to be appreciated by these influencers, nor by the community, which was tired of seeing this ad on its TV screen and on its news feed. Result:

So, the advice, the exchange, and the bargains! Twitter is more than any other the social network of instantaneity.

On Facebook, the scope of your Page's publications is very limited, so plan your advertising budget accordingly. The advantage of this social network is that it brings together the largest community: you'll find teenagers... like grannies.

Get users to comment and tag their friends on your publication to increase your reach. In return, Facebook will define you as a relevant entity and give you more visibility for your next posts:

Instagram is the social network that has gained the most ground in recent years. Its algorithm rewards users who use its various features, so if you're not yet a fan of stories, it's up to you.

Instagram also analyzes the time a user spends on a publication. So create the exchange between you and your community. We could easily cite as an example the account of the famous Kylie Jenner, half-sister Kardashian and influential person who can charge an Instagram publication for the modest sum of 1.000.000€, but do you know Charles Martinet, the dubbing of the most famous plumber on the planet: Mario? He is surprisingly very present on Instagram and has almost 100,000 subscribers. Why is that? Because he distributes relevant video content to his subscribers who are fans of the Nintendo character's universe, and he goes out to meet them at trade fairs!

They both have their own way of creating a link with their subscribers, but it's still a link! When Kylie Jenner posts a picture of her breakfast, her subscribers have a strong sense of connection with her, whether we think it's exaggerated or not.

Another effective strategy is GoPro. On Instagram, the account shares the content... of its clients!

The customer is valued because his publication is published on an account with a huge community! So don't be closed in on yourself, share user content, comment, like, participate in social network exchanges to be a safe vector of Instagram.

For Linkedin, it's once again a different strategy that you're going to have to use to stand out. As we saw above with Winamax, a more corporate communication is required. Let's take for example one of the web marketing gurus who has more than 380,000 subscribers on Linkedin, Neil Patel :

Neil Patel shares a recent information on Google news with a comment proving his expertise: "Small businesses looking for tips on Linkedin, you're going to love this info because it's going to help you gain more leads and it's free! I talk about it on my blog. ». Beyond that, it answers most of the comments, reinforcing this feeling of accessibility :

The page of his company turns to "only" 15,801 subscribers.

On Linkedin, the temple of Social Selling, experts are often more followed than companies: their exchanges and tips are more attractive. Make the most of your know-how, comment on the publications of the people in your circle, create debate, bounce back on current events in your field!

It's the same on every social network, it's not you who choose what you're going to impose as a message. You have to adapt and create content according to users' expectations.


As since the dawn of time (or at least, since the early days of social networks), to be effective, whether on Linkedin, Instagram, or any social network, the quality of the content will be the priority. Set yourself an editorial line and follow it drastically. Impose an editorial calendar, schedule your publications, automate (but intelligently) and analyze your performance to... start over.

By dint of trying new things, you will refine your communication in the right direction and become relevant to users. There is no miracle recipe, except to be reactive and to actively participate in the social networks that you will have defined as the most relevant. Publish, like, comment, as usual, but also understand the expectations of your audience, superimpose them on your capacity to create content, be ambitious and creative, analyze your results and draw the right conclusions to become the star of social networks! Discover our social networking agency.

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