Webmarketing strategy for a reservation software

Project description for Easyrequest

Easyrequest is a Artsurleweb software intended for companies or public bodies that have a large number of rooms, meeting rooms or offices. The software allows the complete management of the reservation of these spaces. Complete and tailor-made, the solution also integrates the fleet or material management.

New on the market, the brand Easyrequest had the following problems in 2019 develop its reputation and its customers through web acquisition.

Accompanied by Staenk, the brand chose to turn to the levers SEO, SEA and Content marketing (regular production of value-added blog posts). Indeed, these levers initially represent the most relevant sources of traffic to bring the targeted B2B target to the website.

Easyrequest's objective: to maximize its presence in search results when its target performs a query that the trademark could answer.

The result ?

Thanks to a winning strategy of natural, paid and content referencing, in 1 year, Easyrequest :

  • Won +65% of visits
  • Increased by +78% its demonstration requests
  • Positioned itself, in SEO, in first page on many strategic keywords : "room reservation software", "coworking management", "vehicle management application", "meeting room management" or even "hardware management software"... In all, this represents more than 700 searches per month.

Easyrequest's webmarketing strategy has enabled it to establish itself as a leading solution in its sector. The software is now a must in the search results associated with it and has thus considerably increased its notoriety.

Thought upstream to be in adequacy with its various targets, optimized in time, the website has in one year generated 40% of additional users but also obtained more qualified and therefore more qualitative leads.

+78% of leads generated in one year

Index of the evolution of the number of requests for a software demonstration on the site

S2 2019
S1 2020
S2 2020


testimony géraldine dubois from easyrequest for the success story staenk

"Artsurleweb has realized two webmarketing projects with Staenk, an SEA and a SEO. Their advice, their professionalism and their quick understanding of our issues have significantly increased the number and quality of leads coming from our website. Many thanks. »

Géraldine Dubois, Manager of Artsurleweb


37% of global conversion rate