Web marketing strategy for a major player in the rental of utilities

Brand: Rent & Drop

Project Description

Rent and Drop offers an innovative one-way commercial vehicle rental service, which we have supported in defining a web marketing strategy for this brand. objectif ? Increase its online visibility and generate qualified leads.

The résultat ?

First, we carried out a technical audit of the website, which enabled us to draw up an inventory and determine the areas of improvement to be implemented to optimize natural referencing, including more than 200 Google parameters to highlight the technical recommendations, and then we designed a content strategy by analysing the keywords on which to position ourselves and setting up an internal network.

We managed to increase sales of 96% thanks to natural referencing.

Missions for Rent & Drop

Web marketing strategy to increase brand visibility:

Technical audit and analysis of 200 Google parameters
Search for relevant keywords & expressions on which to position yourself
Implementation of a natural referencing strategy
Optimization of website content


Examples of sliders:

Dropy - 20m3 PNG profile trucks