Project Description

La Cordée is a friendly and caring community in which professionals meet and share experiences in a coworking space. These coworking spaces were initially set up in Lyon, but they are now located in 6 cities such as Paris and Lyon. They bring together independent workers, start-up teams and employees who work remotely.


The Result?

We generated targeted traffic around the theme of conference rooms through sponsored links.


The Campaign for La Cordée

We implemented an advertising campaign through Adwords to target people who were looking for conference rooms in France. A preliminary study had allowed us to choose the landing pages that were best suited for this particular case.

Staenk Offered SEA Services to this Client

  • Analyzing potential keywords and cost-efficiency
  • Publishing the ads online
  • Optimizing the campaigns in real time
  • Measuring conversions on the site
  • Setting up a specific plugin
  • Monitoring and reporting


“Swann helped us set up our Adwords campaign. Beyond the fact that he provided a smart and cost-efficient campaign (we are a small organization), he managed to be extremely pedagogical and explained what he was doing and the results every step of the way. Swann now works on our SEO with the same level of care!” Michael Schwartz, Co-founder of La Cordée