Lead generation for one of the market leaders in wood stoves

Brand: Aduro

Project Description

Aduro develops, manufactures and sells modern Danish-designed wood and hybrid stoves, and the Scandinavian brand has called on us to generate quality leads and convert prospects into customers.

The result ?

We worked on the Scandinavian brand's natural and paid referencing to increase its visibility on search engines, as well as managing e-reputation on search engines, social networks, collaborative sites and discussion forums to convey a positive image of the stove manufacturer and creating customer testimonial videos to enhance the performance and quality of Aduro products and accelerate lead conversion.

How to build a sustainable lead strategy?

Missions for Aduro

Lead generation strategy:

SEO audit and website optimization

Management of e-reputation on social networks, discussion forums and search engines

Creation of 3 videos of customer testimonials

Creation of sponsored campaigns on social networks

Creation of Google Ads campaigns

Examples of creations :

aduro 2
aduro 3
aduro 4
aduro 1
aduro 2
Aduro 5
aduro 6



"Swann and his team provided us with a well-planned digital marketing strategy that produced good results in terms of leads. It was a pleasure to work with his team and to communicate in English, which was a key point for us. »

Line Nederby, Marketing & Communication Director Aduro