Copywriting, or how to write texts that sell!

Copywriting in a nutshell is the art of persuasive writing. All content creators who have made their mark on the web in recent years have a basis in copywriting. Some are literally master copywriters! This copywriting technique is particularly used to get sales pages that convert more, and to get the most out of your website.

Containment: how to increase the traffic of its e-commerce site?

And here we go again: confinement in France is at its V2. Who knows, maybe the country will have a V3 and even a V4. In any case, if this period allows a realization, it's because digital is more crucial than ever and adaptability is key! E-merchants : […]

How was I recruited into Staenk?

I joined the team in September 2020 for my Master's degree in digital strategy, as a social media consultant. I tell you about my recruitment and my integration within the Staenk agency! 😉 My recruitment - Staenk webmarketing agency I was recruited during the confinement in April/May by Swann Le Moigne, a [...]

How to communicate on Google Maps in 2020?

We were talking about it, Google Maps has some serious advances ahead of it and it is far from over. While search engine results are less and less clicked, would Google find here great opportunities for the future? We may think so, but what is certain is that many physical stores will [...]

Reconciling content marketing and brand content in 2020: is it possible?

Content marketing, or content marketing, is a practice born out of a general fed up with traditional marketing. Rather than bombarding consumers with intrusive advertising, content marketing will think about quality content that might interest them. This consumer centric approach puts the brand in the background, emphasizing its expertise to the benefit of the consumer.

How to make a webinar? The tutorial step by step

The webinar is an online conference accessible via software or an online platform. The term "webinar" (or webinar in French) comes from the contraction between the word "web" (toile) and "seminar" (séminaire). A webinar is a videoconference (or web-conference) with audio and video access that allows the audience to interact with the speakers, to exchange information, to discuss [...].

What is a communication channel and how can it be exploited?

Communication is an essential tool for companies and brands. Making yourself known to your target audience, recruiting new leads, launching a product, developing your brand image: the stakes are high. A company that communicates little or badly has very little chance of success. It is therefore a question of passing on the right [...]

10 successful examples of French nudge marketing

"There are those who take the easy way out... and there's you." The people of Lyon are familiar with these little words of encouragement that now bloom on the stairs of the Lyon Part-Dieu train station. This is a "nudge", well known in street marketing. Nudge is an English word synonymous with "nudge". It consists of [...]

Buyer persona marketing: definition, key steps, templates and examples

Still in 2020, it is clear that too many companies communicate without taking into account the expectations of their customers and prospects. However, one of the basic rules of marketing is to know your target at your fingertips! A webmarketing strategy only makes sense if it is aimed at an audience [...]

How to develop your marketing plan in six key steps?

The marketing plan is an indispensable tool in the context of a product launch. It is a rigorous approach to be followed methodically, step by step, from the analysis of what already exists to the follow-up of the objectives after the launch. The marketing plan gathers, details and programs a set of marketing actions. Establishing a marketing plan is based on the following principles: [...]

E-commerce: which pricing strategy to choose to boost sales?

For an e-commerce that is just getting started, it is easy to think that the only valid pricing strategy is to offer a lower price than its competitors. This strategy, known as "penetration", seems to be justified by the fact that online competition is only a few clicks away. A situation which is exacerbated by [...].

Digital communication: definition and tips for getting started

82% of French people search for a product or service on the Internet before making a purchase. This overwhelming reality has been highlighted by the Digital Report 2020. A figure that confirms with a bang that digital communication has become indispensable to French companies. It is one thing to know that you have to digitalize your communication in order to [...]

How to make the difference in e-commerce at 2020 ?

More than ever before, e-commerce is now part of French people's daily life. From food shopping to last-minute gifts to luxury shopping, it is now possible to buy everything, at almost any price and from the four corners of the world. In this context, how can we enable the French people to [...]

Amazon, a new major player in Paid Search Engine Optimization?

Amazon, is accelerating its Paid Referral offers? While some predicted the gradual decline of Digital Marketing, we have seen a major redefinition and a major increase of 14.5% this year. One of its main players is undoubtedly the Seattle-based firm Amazon. With a turnover of $...]

The Learning Machine, the Artificial Intelligence of everyday life

The Learning Machine, what is it? We were talking about it, the Machine Learning is more than ever the Digital Marketing trend for this new year 2020. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon... Rare are the big IT (information and technology) companies today that do not use Artificial Intelligence (AI). For the uninitiated in the world [...]