SEO Off-Page: What is it?

The off-site SEO is the set of natural SEO actions aimed at boosting the popularity of a website. Contrary to on-site and on-page SEO, these are actions that are carried out outside your website, further away from purely technical and semantic fields. What are the criteria for off-site and on-page SEO?

SEO On-Page: What is it?

On-Page SEO is the set of optimizations for natural SEO that can be done on your web pages. On-Page SEO is part of - and an essential component! - of On-Site SEO, i.e. SEO optimizations that can be carried out on a site scale. It is to be differentiated from off-site SEO, outside the site [...]

SEO On-Site: What is it?

When we talk about natural SEO, there is a way to divide the discipline into 3 types of optimizations (other than technical, content, popularity!). We can indeed differentiate between on-site, on-page and off-site optimizations. On-site SEO represents all the SEO optimizations carried out on the website, in a global way. It includes technical SEO, technical SEO, [...]

How can I reboost the natural referencing of my old blog posts?

If you were interested in the performance of your blog posts, you may have been surprised by the lack of visibility of some of them. You have spent time on it, you think you have optimized it for SEO, your content is interesting, it has a real added value... But why doesn't it work?

How to follow your SEO: the 7 essential steps

More than important, following your SEO is an essential step. The challenge for you is first of all to know the evolution of the natural referencing of your site and its performance on search engines. Carrying out this monitoring will give you an inventory of the SEO of your site, which is important! Above all, the natural referencing [...]

Help, my site has lost SEO positions!

Have you noticed a sharp drop in SEO positions and, at the same time, in traffic to your website? Do you want to investigate the causes and rectify the situation? You are in the right place: the loss of traffic is a phenomenon that should be closely monitored in natural SEO because it is a [...]

E-commerce website: how to optimize the referencing of product pages?

The objective is clear: to work the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of its e-commerce site aims to make its products visible in the pages of search engines and to position its product pages on the relevant requests related to its activity. The site that is positioned in first position on the first page of Google collects 65 % of clicks, the one in 2nd position, [...]

E-commerce: how to optimize a category page for SEO?

E-merchants often put a lot of effort into product pages to encourage purchasing. However, category pages are just as essential. They allow you to optimize the natural referencing of your e-commerce site, and thus improve its performance. Follow the advice of our SEO experts External links actually drive more traffic to the product pages.

SXO: user experience for the benefit of SEO

It is still often the case that the designers of a website think about the user experience and SEO separately. The SXO, or "Search eXperience Optimization" puts the user back at the centre of SEO strategies. More and more, search engine algorithms are including user experience in SEO criteria [...].

How to improve your SEO with Youtube?

Youtube is a great natural SEO tool. As a young SEO consultant, I've seen it many times. But it is especially as a Google user that I became aware of the place of video, especially by its presence in search results following a query. […]

The basics of a good Google referencing

Did you know that? Having a site with a modern design and beautiful visuals is good, but it will not bring you anything if it is not visible to your target and if it does not stand out from your competitors. By working on your Google referencing, you will be able to position your site on the strong keywords of your business, bring qualified traffic to your site and a fortiori, convert.

SEO: why should you invest in structured data to boost your website traffic?

Well-referenced websites generally offer rich semantic content. Search engines quickly understand the topics covered and value the efforts made to facilitate scanning by indexing robots. These efforts also explain the success of a website among its readers, who easily find the answers to their questions. […]

‚≠ź Why do an SEO audit of my website?

Company or organization, if you have a website and express the wish to be visible on search engines (Google, Bing...), the question of natural referencing arises. As a reminder, natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of positioning yourself naturally (without paying) in the search results, at the [...]

What trends will impact SEO in the next 3 years?

Our company is subject to constant changes, particularly in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google's algorithm knows a lot of updates concerning the taking into account of certain factors. Consequently, the positioning of sites in search results [...].

Boost your natural SEO: 5 simple practices that explode

Looking for new ideas to boost your SEO? Today we give you 5 SEO best practices that are easy to implement for your website. Well done, these actions will potentially allow you to stand out from the crowd and maximize your visibility in the SERP! 1- Propose video content Often short, often [...]

SEO consultant, what is it?

As an SEO expert, the SEO consultant is in charge of increasing the visibility and notoriety of companies and their websites on the internet. To do this, he has many levers at his disposal; netlinking, editorial strategy, content optimisation, structural redesign of the site or analysis of user behaviour. These are all means of action that require mastery of the [...]