Which navigation menu for a good user experience?

An e-commerce site can have a perfect homepage and efficient product pages: if the visitor gets lost, all these efforts are in vain. To make it easier for the visitor to navigate on an e-commerce site, a readable and accessible navigation menu is therefore required. There are, however, different types of menus: the "top menu" [...]

7 essential to optimize your product sheets for the SXO

Until two or three years ago, optimizing the product sheets of its e-commerce site was simply a matter of applying a few natural referencing rules. However, googlebots are more and more interested in the user experience - or UX - offered by the web pages of an e-commerce site. The positioning of a web site or an e-commerce site is [...]

How does the Amazon Ads advertising platform work?

Amazon is the leader in online retail. According to a 2017 Market Pulse study, the e-commerce platform has more than 2,900 new sellers every day, for a total of more than five million sellers in all. Amazon is also particularly successful in certain sectors, such as electronics, jewellery, fashion and fashion accessories.

E-commerce: 4 examples of sites that use UX to boost conversions.

In order for customers to linger on an e-commerce site, it must offer a simple, pleasant and effective user experience. The user experience - also called "UX" - on a website has an impact on visitors' buying trends. Tag more In order to promote conversions, an e-commerce site has every reason to invest in the development of new products and services.

What is the impact of Digital Transformation (DT) on marketing?

The need to integrate digital transformation at the heart of its marketing strategy is driven by a majority of companies: according to the Adetem barometer for 2018, digital transformation is constantly evolving in the minds of marketing professionals compared to 2017. 66% of marketers in 2018 valued customer experience as a key factor in their success.

Inbound B2B Marketing: How to create an efficient lead generation strategy?

Marketing methods and B2B sales techniques have been disrupted by digital technology for the past ten years or so, and marketing or sales managers have been forced to rethink their strategies to adapt to new buyer behaviour... No longer is it a question of picking up the consumer through intrusive push methods; now it is necessary to attract his attention[...]

Staenk at the Human Talks in Lyon: Growth Marketing and Lead Generation

On the occasion of the Human Talks the web professions on February 7, 2017 in Lyon, the Staenk team presents the concepts of AARRR and LeadGen: Webmarketing: the lead machine Two concepts: AARRR and Lead Generation One objective: to make the web a growth machine The (sometimes) wrong concepts of traditional webmarketing [...]