How to write a very engaging newsletter?

81% of Internet users are subscribed to at least one newsletter. This figure, from the 2017 Email Marketing Attitude study, reveals all the potential that newsletters have to gain visibility. They make it possible to make oneself visible to a wide target audience. They are also a way to create a link between the company and its list of customers.

3 strategies to choose your content formats!

You probably already know (but at Staenk, we like to repeat ourselves to get our message across) that an editorial strategy cannot be improvised. It requires financial and human resources. It should also be remembered that the strategy must be based on one or more objectives and requires a good knowledge of the target audience. The knowledge [...]

Why outsource your digital marketing?

As technology continues to transform the way we consume and, for marketers, the way we interact with our customers, traditional marketing is slowly but surely being eclipsed by a new strategy, digital marketing. But what is digital marketing? And why does it need to be outsourced to be more effective? Definition and [...]

What is a good automation marketing strategy?

You hear about it every day, but you don't dare to admit that marketing automation is for you an anglicism in which you don't really know what to put in? or you vaguely see what it is, but don't know how to create your marketing automation strategy for your company? [...]