How to create a blog? Our complete guide in less than 10 steps

You've decided to create a blog, but you're still wondering how to go about it. What are the elements to prioritize and the mistakes not to make? In our guide, we show you the essential steps to follow to have a successful blog! What is a blog? A blog is a website on the Internet that [...]

Lifecycle and e-commerce: differentiating the product from its product page

Knowing the life cycle of a product allows you to sharpen your marketing mix strategy and to think about a relevant e-commerce positioning. For example, online promotion during the product launch phase is much more consistent than that required for a "mature" product. Controlling this life cycle therefore makes it possible to adapt [...]

E-commerce: 4 examples of sites that use UX to boost conversions.

In order for customers to linger on an e-commerce site, it must offer a simple, pleasant and effective user experience. The user experience - also called "UX" - on a website has an impact on visitors' buying trends. Tag more In order to promote conversions, an e-commerce site has every reason to invest in the development of new products and services.

Blend Web Mix: back to the most connected 48 hours of Sarah the staenkeuse

On 24 and 25 October 2018 took place the Web Blend Mix, an event organised by the web kitchen and bringing together all web professionals (web marketers, developers, web designers, web reference designers, etc.) to exchange on new trades, new uses, new technologies and new practices in all sectors of activity. [...]

How can Brand Content improve your ventes ?

Brand Content embodies content that is brand and/or company-oriented. Whether written, filmed, photographed, stated, presented, drawn or pixelated, brand content is a central element in a company's communication. How to use it in an e-commerce  What are the [...]