3 strategies to choose your content formats!

You probably already know (but at Staenk, we like to repeat ourselves to get our message across) that an editorial strategy cannot be improvised. It requires financial and human resources. It should also be remembered that the strategy must be based on one or more objectives and requires a good knowledge of the target audience. The knowledge [...]

⭐5 effective strategies for collecting feedback clients⭐

Consulting customer reviews is often the first action you take on the Internet to choose a restaurant or book a hotel, because whoever wants to spend an evening in an establishment with poor marks and comments négatifs ? Customer reviews allow you to improve your e-reputation, increase your sales, bring some[...]

The 6 commandments of an effective and efficient content strategy

It is a long time ago when brands only used mass media to distribute their content to consumers through the deployment of major advertising campaigns; it was the post-World War II era marked by strong economic growth and improved living conditions; the customer was a passive consumer and did not[...]

How can Brand Content improve your ventes ?

Brand Content embodies content that is brand and/or company-oriented. Whether written, filmed, photographed, stated, presented, drawn or pixelated, brand content is a central element in a company's communication. How to use it in an e-commerce  What are the [...]

Web writing: towards a desacralization of SEO content?

Aiming to desecrate a sometimes overrated practice does not mean eliminating any SEO marketing strategy, but rather to make it clear that SEO is not a magic wand to climb search engine results… Seeking to create content for your site today is[...]