How to make a specification for paid referencing?

You've decided to entrust your Google Ads campaign to a web agency, but where do you start? Once you've identified the few digital agencies likely to support you, you'll need to send them a set of specifications for paid referencing. This one is central to help you choose the rare pearl. This document summarizes the specifications [...]

Why entrust your Google Ads campaigns to a webmarketing agency?

In order for the budget an advertiser dedicates to a SEA - Search Engine Advertising - campaign to be profitable, the campaign must be carefully planned. Google Ads ads do indeed require a daily monitoring of metrics that must be known and mastered. They also require a regular adjustment, to follow consumer trends, but [...]

How to access his Google Ads statistics?

The Google Ads interface seduces a lot of advertisers especially for the precision of data analysis of an ATS campaign. However, in order to understand campaigns and analyse them, it is necessary to be able to display the statistics and sort them efficiently within the Google Ads report. In this article, we explain how to make full use of the statistics provided in the Google Ads Report.

How to enable conversions on Google Ads?

For your paid search campaigns to be effective and get a good return on investment, you need to be able to measure the performance of your campaigns as well as the conversion rate. In this article, we show you how to activate conversion tracking to allow you to analyze the clicks on your ads to convert and convert your ads to the new website.

How much does it cost to manage Google Ads campaigns?

A company starting a SEA campaign wants to have an idea of how much it costs to manage its Google Ads campaigns. It is difficult to answer this question simply. The answer depends, of course, on the advertiser's competitive environment and business objectives. Nevertheless, this article gives you an idea [...].

How much does it cost to click on a Google Ads ad?

By looking at the cost of paid referencing, and especially Google Ads, we quickly understand that the cost of the click is at the heart of the operation of the advertising platform. The "Cost Per Click", or CPC, is one of the other names for paid referencing campaigns. In this case we speak of a "PPC" campaign, i.e. [...]

What does "Under Review" mean on Google Ads?

You have created your ASP campaigns and you have just registered them. You are now waiting for them to be broadcast. However, you realize that they are not yet visible because they are marked as "Under Review" on Google Ads. In this article, we go back in detail to this notion of "review" by Google before [...]

How much does Paid Listing Service (PARS) cost?

When starting a paid search engine optimization campaign, the question of cost is a must. What budget should you invest in your Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaign? What are the rates charged by the players in paid referencing, and more specifically by Google Ads? These are classic questions, shared by all companies that are involved in paid search [...]

How many ad extensions can I set up in Google Ads?

You can set within the interface as many ad extensions as you want to add for your paid search engine optimization campaigns! Indeed, Google makes these features available to you without any usage limit. However, although the configuration of these ad extensions is child's play, you have to keep in mind that in order for the ad extensions to work properly, they must be [...]

Ad extensions on Google Ads: what is it?

If you wish to enrich your SEA campaigns, ad extensions are essential. They allow you to provide additional information to the Internet user in relation to the text of your ad: additional links, information on location, promotions, etc. However, the potential of ad extensions is not necessarily exploited by advertisers. In this article, [...]

How to choose the budget to devote to Google Ads?

By embarking on a paid SEO campaign via Google Ads, the e-merchant hopes, of course, to generate more traffic to his site and convert more customers. But what budget should be spent on Google Ads to ensure that these commercial objectives are met? Before embarking on the definition of a SEA (Search Engine Advertising) budget, it is important to know how much [...]

How to optimize a Google Shopping campaign?

Your Google Shopping campaigns are up and running, but you still need to get traffic and conversion results that match your investment. The effectiveness of Google Shopping campaigns depends above all on the quality of your product flow. In order to use Google Shopping properly, the control of the instructions regarding product attributes is essential.

How do I create a Google Ads ad?

Once you've created your Google Ads account and set up your first campaign, you can start creating your Google Ads ad. In order for it to reach your prospects effectively and engage users, you must follow Google and ATS best practices. Otherwise, you may be wasting your advertising budget unnecessarily. In this [...]

How long does it take to validate Google Shopping ads?

There are many guidelines to follow to see your business appear on Google Shopping. The time that advertisers take to apply them makes it possible to understand how much time Google spends validating Google Shopping ads. These approval times are variable, and depend on a multitude of parameters. Controlling these factors helps to improve its performance and [...]

How to add keywords in Google Ads?

When an Internet user searches for information, a product or a service online, he or she types keywords into the search engine. Advertisements that appear on these keywords or groups of keywords are set up to appear in search results according to the relevance of the Internet user's query. However, if you notice that your current keywords [...]

How to choose your keywords on Google Ads?

For a SEA campaign to be successful, you must strategically choose your Google Ads keywords and regularly check that they perform. However, when you're just starting out and you have little experience in ATS, it can sometimes be complicated to choose your keywords wisely. This article is designed to help you choose the keywords relevant to your business. Click here to read the article [...]

How do I add products to Google Shopping?

As a price comparison service, Google Shopping does not work without a product catalog. Google builds this catalogue from product data provided by advertisers. But how is the process of adding products to Google Shopping organized? As with everything else in Google Shopping, the company [...]

How to (well) use Google Ads?

Google Ads, from its former name Google AdWords, allows advertisers to quickly gain visibility on search engines, partner sites or video platforms such as YouTube. Paid referencing campaigns target Internet users who are looking for your products or services. To do this, each advertiser must define its objectives and set up its campaigns.

How much does a Google Shopping campaign cost?

Setting up the bidding and the budget dedicated to Google Shopping is a step that takes place very early in the configuration of a SEA campaign. The cost per click, or "CPC", is at the heart of Google Shopping's operation, as it is for Google Ads. It is the cost that the advertiser pays each time an Internet user clicks on a website.

How does Google Ads work?

The Google Ads marketing tool, formerly known as Google AdWords, allows companies to promote their brand with just a few clicks. Indeed, by creating Google Ads campaigns, advertisers can highlight their products, services and business operations by displaying them in the first results of the search engine [...].

How do I appear on Google Shopping?

There are different ways to appear on Google Shopping, and more precisely to appear there first. Google's merchant search engine offers its advertisers three types of paid referencing ads. These are "Shopping for a product", "Products in store" and "Showcases Shopping" ads. These three display configurations intersect with the objectives of the [...]