Custom website development: the most economical solution?

Nowadays, it is very easy to create a website in a short time! But are you sure that it will really help you achieve your goals? When you start creating a website, you must quickly face a crucial question: should you start with a CMS such as [...]

Training organization, create your first Google Ads campaign!

With several million searches per second, Google is unavoidable - and uncontrollable ! Using Google ads is one of the best marketing strategies in order to promote your training courses and get yourself known online. This simple solution, accessible to all, allows you to develop your training activity with your potential customers, and this, [...]

How to quickly gain visibility for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a key date in chestnut marketing to make sales and win new customers. Indeed, according to an LSA study, more than 60 % of the French give a gift to their mothers for the occasion. For e-commerce, it is essential to choose the right communication channels to quickly gain visibility on the Internet.

The new Instagram 2021 features

Today Instagram is only evolving with new e-commerce formats, moving on to reels and guides, the world's 4th largest social network is constantly reinventing itself. Contents1 Instagram - reels (format inspired by Tiktok)2 Instagram - guide 3 Instagram - Shopping4 Why is it essential for your company to adapt to the Instagram evolutions?5 Our [...]

On Valentine's Day, charm your customers to boost your online sales

Valentine's Day is a must-see event in any good marketing calendar and represents a powerful business lever in both physical and online stores. Indeed, it should be taken into account that 78 % of buyers inquire online before buying in store. Without forgetting that 49 % of French people prefer to buy online for their Valentine's Day gifts. This e-commerce event [...]

The 2020 SEO Quiz!

We will remember this year 2020... And the SEO too! Have you followed all the SEO news these last 12 months? Discover it thanks to our quiz 😉 ⬇️ Give us your rating as a comment!

10 key tips for converting during sales

A must on the marketing calendar, winter and summer sales require a certain level of preparation for e-commerce sites, as well as for physical shops. During sales, online sales occupy second place (41.6 %) in sales during this period behind shopping centres (44.5 %). In this article, we give you our advice on how to make the most of this [...]

Boost your online sales with Halloween!

Ah the autumn... Leaves that blush and then fall, cinnamon scented candles, the time of disguises and pumpkin-shaped decorations! The month of October ends in style with Halloween, a must-see business event for all shops, whether physical or e-commerce. In this article, we show you how not to miss out on this [...]

Confinement: how to adapt your web marketing strategy for B2B?

Since Friday 30 October, France has been in a second containment to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic. Before you start, you have an e-commerce site, discover our strategy tips! The first containment was, for some companies and institutions, the opportunity to stand out from the competition and to explode their competitiveness.

How to optimize your digital strategy for Christmas?

Halloween has just come to an end and you already have to set up a new digital strategy for Christmas. Indeed, this annual event is a must for e-commerce sites and is a joyful opportunity to boost sales. So, how to gain visibility on the web to attract traffic to your site and convert to this new strategy?

The French Days, a not-to-be-missed e-commerce event made in France

The French Days is a commercial operation launched for the first time in 2018 by 6 French e-commerce brands. This e-commerce event is inspired by Black Friday and takes place twice a year, in spring and in September. For a limited period of time, e-merchants make exceptional promotions on a selection of products. Get ready for the 2021 edition [...]

Copywriting, or how to write texts that sell!

Copywriting in a nutshell is the art of persuasive writing. All content creators who have made their mark on the web in recent years have a basis in copywriting. Some are literally master copywriters! This copywriting technique is particularly used to get sales pages that convert more, and to get the most out of your website.

SEO Off-Page: What is it?

The off-site SEO is the set of natural SEO actions aimed at boosting the popularity of a website. Contrary to on-site and on-page SEO, these are actions that are carried out outside your website, further away from purely technical and semantic fields. What are the criteria for off-site and on-page SEO?

How was I recruited into Staenk?

I joined the team in September 2020 for my Master's degree in digital strategy, as a social media consultant. I tell you about my recruitment and my integration within the Staenk agency! 😉 My recruitment - Staenk webmarketing agency I was recruited during the confinement in April/May by Swann Le Moigne, a [...]

SEO On-Page: What is it?

On-Page SEO is the set of optimizations for natural SEO that can be done on your web pages. On-Page SEO is part of - and an essential component! - of On-Site SEO, i.e. SEO optimizations that can be carried out on a site scale. It is to be differentiated from off-site SEO, outside the site [...]

SEO Camp Lyon 2020

Our return on experience of the SEO CAMP Day in Lyon! Slides and videos of the conferences.

US Elections 2020, the place of the Internet at the centre of debates

The 2016 US elections have opened a very important debate on the other side of the Atlantic: What is the impact of the internet giants at the ballot box? At the heart of the debate is the massive publication of "fake news" or "misinformation" set up in Russia and particularly used and relayed by many supporters of Donald Trump on Google, Twitter or the Internet, [...].

SEO On-Site: What is it?

When we talk about natural SEO, there is a way to divide the discipline into 3 types of optimizations (other than technical, content, popularity!). We can indeed differentiate between on-site, on-page and off-site optimizations. On-site SEO represents all the SEO optimizations carried out on the website, in a global way. It includes technical SEO, technical SEO, [...]