Specialized in website design, our web agency accompanies you in the development of your project: creation, redesign and maintenance of your web project.

As an expert in strategy and visibility, Staenk offers you complete webmarketing support to acquire traffic, leads or increase your sales.


Because your brand is unique, so is your site.

Our web agency in Lille will help you in the realisation and concretisation of your website creation project.

Staenk will be able to intervene on the development of websites via multiple CMS, but also :

  • Development: showcase site, merchant site, blogs or intranet,
  • Graphic identity, design of your website, customized text or visual content,
  • Adapted and personalized administration interface, 
  • Tools for monitoring behaviour and setting up trackings (Analytics), 
  • Webmarketing optimization (SEO, SEA, Social Media, marketing automation, ...)

Un site internet qui ne perd pas le nord

In a world where hyper-digitalization reigns, having a website is essential to develop one's activity. A website that has not been designed for the user and for search engines will not necessarily bring you the expected effects.

An adapted 100% website is what the Staenk web agency offers you.

How to ensure that your website effectively takes part in the development of your business? By creating a website that will accommodate search engines with SEO, users with UX and especially you!
Your website should be associated with your organization, emanate your identity and should not lose performance as it evolves. In a word: your website must be adapted.

4 qualifiers for your site : Performance | Cost effective | Beautiful | Responsive


Many brands from the BtoB and BtoC sectors entrust us with their digital strategy and achieve significant and positive results on the long term. 

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Definition of your needs, advice and strategy

To give advice, you have to be a good listener. The first step is and always will be to understand what you want. The specifications allow you to contract your functional and technical needs for all and by all.

  • Which technology/CMS? WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Prestashop... 
  • What is the primary purpose of your website? 
  • Is it sales, image, awareness or lead acquisition? 
  • What are the secondary goals of your website? 
  • What are the targets of your website? 
  • Do you already have an idea of the tree structure of the site? 
  • His graphic identity? 
  • Will the website require any special mobile/tablet adaptations?
  • How will you use the site? 
  • What type of content will your site mostly contain? 
  • Are you going to make regular changes? 

It is sometimes complex to answer all the questions in a functional and technical specification. This is why we take to heart our role of advice and support.
As web specialists for many years, it is with pleasure that we will decide with you a website strategy adapted to your needs during these first exchanges. We are certain that determining all the parameters of a project is crucial to its success!

Creation of webdesign, web development and project management

The heart of our work lies in the design and development of your website.

To begin, we will work and think about the location of the blocks (content, images, videos...), called zooning, in order to anticipate and thus create the best possible user experience and ergonomics. We will then work on producing the design of your website and its visual identity.

Once validated, we will move on to the web development and content integration phase, ending with a reception phase.

Each profession of the web studio works closely together to bring your project to fruition. The progress of the project is mastered with the help of a precise planning and a detailed action plan which are Communication remains paramount in the design of a web project. This is why our project manager will lead with an iron fist the progress, the respect of the schedule and the action plan, using the agile method, SCRUM.

The duration of the mission can vary according to the number of pages of your site, if it is a showcase website or an e-commerce website. Your main contact will be one of our project managers, who will have regular meetings at the decisive stages of your project.



37% of global conversion rate

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2400 trainees trained over the past 4 years

Accompagnement webmarketing : FAIRE ROUTE VERS LE NORD

Your site has finally been put online and it is at the same time in the image of the company, harmonious to browse, interesting, attractive and interactive: he has all the cards to persuade the visitors!
Our goal now is to attract new users to your site.

How to get more quality traffic on your website? With the help of digital communication and webmarketing levers!
Our web agency in Lille is able to offer you a range of services to extend the visibility of your website on the web:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • SEA (paid listing),
  • Community management,
  • Advertising on social networks,
  • Writing and optimization of contents.

Listening to our customers, we will be able to advise you in the choice of appropriate levers for the development of your business.

Do you have any questions regarding the creation of your website? Discover our Frequently Asked Questions.
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