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Why entrust your Google Ads campaigns to a webmarketing agency?

why entrust google ads to an agency?

For an advertiser to dedicate a budget to an ASP campaign - Search Engine Advertising - to be profitable, the campaign must be carefully planned. Google Ads ads do indeed require a daily monitoring of metrics that must be known and mastered. They also require a regular adjustment, to follow consumption trends, but also to adapt to the results of "test" campaigns.

These tests and adjustments take time and skill. They go faster, however, if they are done by someone who has experience with "what works" for other companies. This experience and time is one of the main reasons to entrust your Google Ads campaigns to a web agency. A digital agency also allows to mobilize a diversity of skills that make a paid search engine optimization strategy more relevant.

Search engine results form a constantly changing world. The keywords that make an advertiser successful one month may be ineffective the next. For the investments made on Google Ads to be profitable, it is therefore necessary to realize constant monitoring of Internet users' requests on his sector. It is also advisable to follow the evolution of clicks on its ads, to identify the keywords, but also the most promising formulations.

The success of a paid referencing campaign also depends on the advertiser's ability to test its advertisements. Advertisers do indeed gain by trying several keywords, several keyword lengths, but also several hooks. They can also try other formats other than text ads, such as Google Shopping ads, or video ads.

An ASP strategy - Search Engine Advertising - often turns out to be simply a matter of a few simple steps. a tried and re-tested strategy. However, these tests take time. They also benefit from being carried out in full awareness of formulations or keywords that already work for other clients.

So it's for the time she spends on Google Ads and for her experience what works that it can be useful to entrust its Google Ads campaigns to a digital agency.

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Accurately measure the return on investment of Google Ads

It's also the web agency that is the most able toevaluate the real return on investment of the paid search engine optimization campaign. It does have the time and the habit of observing the evolution of the most strategic performance indicators.

The cost per click, the cost per target acquisition, the printing rate or the quality score are so many metrics to keep an eye on every day.... A time-consuming task, therefore, that it is good to entrust to a web agency when you don't have a specialist in-house.

More than just monitoring Google Ads KPIs, a web agency also provides custom activity reports. The digital agency calculates this data itself, with its own tools, in which most companies cannot afford to invest.

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Entrust its Google Ads campaigns to a web agency to cross competences

Entrusting your Google Ads campaigns to a web agency is also a way to offer yourself an armada of web professionals. All of them embody a potential added value for your ads :

  • Web designers advise on the form the landing pages should take;
  • AES managers help identify defects in the conversion tunnel;
  • graphic designers optimize video ads ;
  • the editors make the ads more impactful.
entrust Google Ads to a web agency
Entrust its Google Ads campaigns to a web agency like Staenk to offer itself diversified digital skills.

Using a web agency is also one of the easiest ways to discover other paid referencing platforms. Networks such as Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest are successfully launching themselves into ASP. Some may be more suitable for your sector than Google Ads.

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Is it necessary to use a Google Partner web agency?

The digital agencies that have obtained the "Google Partner" badge have passed the certification exams of the web giant. To do so, they followed the courses of the Google Academy. These web agencies must also prove that their performance is permanent. Google allows itself to regularly check the increase in their revenues, the relevance of their Google Ads ads and the loyalty of their customers.

The different Google Partners badges to be found on providers' websites

In other words, entrusting your Google Ads campaigns to a Google Partner agency means secure a trusted partner. Google Ads budgets are often substantial. They therefore need to establish reliable collaborations.

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