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Why (and how) to associate Google Ads and Google Analytics?

Google Analytics and Google Adwords

The key to a successful SEA campaign is good performance analysis. To do this, Google makes its Analytics and AdWords tools available and allows you to link them together for even more in-depth data. You will be able to analyze the users' behavior with your ASP campaigns. Within your Analytics account, you will have a more precise vision of the actions in progress and their impacts, your objectives, and the results of your campaigns. SEA and conversions. In this article, we explain in detail why it is essential to connect your accounts and especially how to do it! 

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The importance of associating your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts

The importance of linking your Google Analytics account to Google Ads cannot be overemphasized. When the two accounts are linked, you have a panel of very useful data for the configuration of your campaigns present and future. 

Analytics also analyzes SEO data, which will allow you to cross-reference them to work these two strategies in synergy. With this more advanced data, you will be able to closely monitor the performance of your campaigns and thus maximize your ROI

What data is collected through Google Analytics?

By linking your Analytics account to Google's advertising network, you will have access to a web-based platform for more advanced analytics. You will be able to follow precisely : 

  • the interactions of your users with your AdWords campaigns
  • keyword auctions
  • the bounce rate
  • the number of pages viewed
  • the objectives of conversions
  • the path of your visitors to the conversion page. 
Google Analytics and Google Adwords
Why (and how) to associate Google Ads and Google Analytics?

How do I connect Google Analytics with Google AdWords?

This approach may seem rather complex at first glance, but in the end it is quite easy with our step-by-step tutorial. 

Have the necessary authorizations for both your accounts

First of all, you need to be logged in to your Google Analytics account, and most importantly you need to have the necessary permissions so that you can change it, otherwise you won't be able to do this action. 

At the same time, sign in to your Google AdWords account as an administrator. If you're not sure if you have administrator rights, check by clicking on the settings wheel at the top right of the screen. Then click on 'Account settings' and then in the left column, click 'Account access'. In the centre of the screen you will find the email addresses connected to the account and yours should be listed.

Choose the views on which your data will appear

In Google AdWords, click "Related Accounts. At the same time, in Google Analytics, in the middle column, click on "Property": a sub-menu is displayed. Click on "Product Association", then: "AdWords Association" and finally choose "New Association Group".

Here your AdWords account is displayed, select it and click "Continue". You can rename your association with the name of your choice. Then tick the views you want to appear on your AdWords data in Google Analytics

How do I finalize the configuration of associated Google Ads accounts? 

To finish the configuration, in the "Advanced Settings" section, click on "Enable automatic tagging on all associated AdWords fields". Select "Associate Accounts" and click OK. Go back to the "AdWords Association" section: your site name appears, which means that the operation worked. 

There you go, your Google Analytics account is linked to AdWords. You can start collect more accurate data on your campaigns by going to the Reports section of Google Analytics. 


Linking one's AdWords account to one's Analytics account allows you to have a clear view of the results and optimize its future ASP campaigns. However, some functionalities of these two accounts can be complex to master and very often some companies do not fully exploit the potential of these two tools. 

In order to make your paid search engine marketing campaign profitable, it is sometimes necessary to call upon an ASP professional such as an expert consultant or a specialized ASP agency such as Staenk. 

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