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What are the different paid listing actions?

listing actions paid

Paid referencing or SEASearch Engine AdvertisingThe "Web site visibility" tool, allows to develop the visibility of a website on the internet. A well conducted SEA strategy thus allows a brand or a company to keyword positioning essential to its activity in the first results of search engines. However, for a website to appear in the first results of ads, it is necessary to first set up several paid referencing actions that we deliver in this article. 

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Evaluate your SEO objectives 

The first essential paid referencing action to be implemented is to clear-cutting objectives of communication to be completed. Indeed, the needs of companies on their website depends on the digital issues related to their business: 

  • brand awareness
  • increase rapidly in keyword visibility 
  • lead activation: validation of a contact form, call, etc.
  • page visit
  • click on a button for a download, etc.

Precisely defining your SEO objectives will allow you to have a clear vision of your investment in terms of of budget and time allocated to your ads and ASP campaigns. 

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Target your audience and define your ASP keywords

The second essential paid referencing action is the targeting of your audience and the choice of your SEA keywords. One cannot be achieved without the other! Indeed, you must precisely define your target and anticipate its needs. Ask yourself what your target audience is looking for, and what keywords or phrases they would use to find you. 

To help you select your keywords, we advise you to use the keyword planning tool (Google Keyword Planner). This is the tool that is directly present in your Google Ads account. Start by typing the list of keywords that you think are relevant to your business and refine it with the keywords suggested by the tool. 

SEA listing actions
What are the different SEA referencing actions?

Optimize your landing page for Google

It is also called the "landing page": it is the page that appears behind the click from your Google Ads ad. 

How to choose your landing page and optimizing it for your audience is a fundamental SEO action and will condition the future act of purchase. Indeed, once you have succeeded in making your target click on your ad and not that of your competitors, it is now necessary to succeed to convince your target to do the action you want, i.e. to bring it to fulfil the objective that you have previously defined as mentioned above.

A destination page must provide the right information (following the requests of the Internet user), also inviting to visit other pages of the site to convert the Internet user. 

Some points to respect to have an optimized landing page:

  • the design must be responsive
  • the Call-To-Actions buttons must be visible and easily accessible
  • the editorial content must provide the right information 
  • the loading time must be fast 

Evaluate regularly the performance of your landing pages You should be able to adjust them if, for example, the bounce rate is too high on a landing page. 

Launch your SEA campaigns

You have clearly defined your objectives of Google Ads campaign and your landing pages are optimized. You will now set up your first campaigns via your Google Ads account. 

To do this, the following paid referencing action consists in writing the content of your ad. It is possible to write several ads by groups of ads and to give them different landing pages. This is for example the case for a group of ads for example "Perfumery", several ads will be attached to it according to keywords: "perfume man", "perfume woman", etc. with dissociated landing pages. 

Evaluate the results of your paid referencing campaigns 

For your campaigns to be effective, you must be able to evaluate their results. Analyze the KPIs of your campaignsamong other things: 

  • traffic generated compared to traffic before the campaign 
  • the number of sessions during the campaign and schedules
  • the duration of the session
  • new users
  • the conversion rate
  • the bounce rate

Tracking these results will allow you to adjust your campaigns as needed. Feel free to add or remove keywords or ads. You can regularly change the amount of your daily budget, create new campaigns or change your bidding strategy during the course of an ASP campaign. 

Finally, keep in mind that the effects of an ASP campaign are estimated to be seen within 2 to 3 weeks of its launch. 


An optimized ATS strategy can bring traffic back to your website and bring you more traffic to your website.increase the conversion rate on condition that you have set up the right actions for paid referencing upstream. 90 % of Internet searches are done via the Google search engine, it is therefore advisable to have an optimised SEA strategy to meet your communication objectives. 

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